Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Trails...

or maybe not.

After getting the kids off to school, I headed out for my weekly "long" run. Today I had 6-miles on the agenda and I was excited to get it done in the cooler morning hours. And, instead of sticking to my usual neighborhood loops, I was going to check out the neighborhood nature trails. I have been really wanting to check them out since we move to the neighborhood last today was the day!

Yeah. Nature girl I am not. Within a 1/2 mile I managed to roll my ankle. It only took a few minutes to recover and be on my way, but then I ran through about 5 spider webs....after that I was sure that I had a huge spider on the back of my head, lol! The last straw was the freaking horse flies! OMG, they were everywhere! And heaven forbid if you slow down or stop...once I looked down and there were 3 on my leg. Ouch!

So yeah, after that I turned around and hauled ass out of the woods! Sorry to anyone within earshot who heard me yelling obscenities. :-)

I ended up heading back to the pavement, finished up 5 miles, then called it a day. Honestly, after the trail incident, I never really got into my groove. My pace was all over the place and it was warmer than I expected. I didn't get in the 6 I originally had planned, but it will have to do. I had a date with my Mom to see The Soloist...great movie! Sad, but inspiring nonetheless.

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Jamoosh said...

Damn Nature - ruined a perfectly good run...