Monday, October 22, 2007

Another Sporadic Post...

Sorry, between spending time with the fam and getting ready for my upcoming Finance mid-term, there has been little time for much else. This was an awesome weekend for running and riding! Unfortunately, I was either at the library or doing stuff around the house, so I only got to spend a little time outdoors with the kiddo on Saturday. On Friday, I actually went to bed at the same time as the kiddo - 8:30 pm! Crazy! But, I woke up at 5 am on Sat to get in some studying before the kiddo woke up and then headed to school for a couple of hours for our mid-term review session.

Saturday night, the hubby and I had a nice date night! We headed to dinner and then to a fight. Yep, not my choice for date night (obviously!), but it was an interesting outing to say the least. If you've seen the UFC, well this is similar. The hubby is a black belt in Hapkido and currently working on Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, so he is really into the mixed-martial arts stuff. There were a couple of guys who train at the same gym as the hubby and they were fighting in this Renegade Extreme Fighting event, so the hubby really wanted to go see them fight. Unfortunately, they both lost only seconds into the 1st round, so that was a bummer. But, let me tell you, the people watching was worth every second! Let me just say that the clubs must have been pretty empty that night...all the skanky, scantily clad girls were at the fight. :-) Seriously, I have never seen so much cleavage and legs in one place! Really. ;-) I told the hubby he owes me a trip to see a good chick flick on our next date night. Hahaha!

Sunday, I actually got to sleep in until 7:40! Then, the kiddo and I did our normal Sunday trip to playgroup, followed by too many hours in the library.

Congrats to Kay and Pam who ran the Nike Women's Marathon yesterday!!! I can't wait to see their Tiffany's "medals"!!!

Finally, thanks so much to everyone for the bike advice! I'll keep you posted on my research and what I eventually decide to do.


Randy said...

No pics of all these scantily clad people...drats...people watching that has to be the next best thing to running.

Good luck with your exam!!!!!!

Viv said...

The MMA fight sounds awesome! I love the UFC stuff. LOL! At the chics dressed like they were going to the club. Glad you got some rest mixed in with all those library hours. Your awesome for all your hard work and dedication.

Barbara said...

You're a better woman than me. I would've told him that was a guys night out event!

One of my BILs is a black belt in tae kwon do. He's broken all 10 toes at one point and probably more than that.

The daughter's more into making sure her sparring partner is the one in pain, not her though. LOL!