Friday, October 05, 2007

Green Eyed Monster

This weekend is the Chicago Marathon! Woohoo! Lots of good luck vibes are going out to Red group coach Rebecca and fellow Fitter/Strider Margo! I have to admit, I have a few pangs of jealousy. This time last year, I was heading to Chicago for my very own marathon experience. This year, I am trying to get over this nagging back pain. Sigh. Okay, enough of the self pitty...Margo and Rebecca, I'll be thinking of ya'll on Sunday morning. Remember - "Legs be strong, mind be stronger!"

So what else is new? I had another round of PT for the back Wednesday and the quads, hammies and glutes were sore on Thursday. I had a chance to "power walk" 30 minutes on the treadmill yesterday and tomorrow I am walking the Race for the Cure. Ugh, finally a Saturday with no classes and no other obligations and I can't run with Houston Fit. :-( Oh, and I think I am officially on sugar overload. The hubby, kiddo and I went to the mall earlier and went to one of those candy shops where you pay 3x as much for your m&m's and such, because you pay by the ounce. I made the mistake of buying a big ol' bag of candy corn. Ugh, It's like crack! I can't stop eating it! Someone stop me please!

Okay, enough of that. Hope everyone has a great weekend! Don't forget that the Greek Fest is going on this weekend...Opa! And, the Wings Over Houston Airshow is at Ellington Field. (Two of my favorite events in Houston!)


Barbara said...

Oh, I love the Greek Fest! If it doesn't rain, maybe we can do that. We were also thinking about going to Dewberry Farm.

TX Runner Girl said...

I love Dewberry farm! I have a group of friends going next weekend, but I have class.

Marcy said...

I hear ya girlie! Get the Halloween candy AWAY from me already LOL