Thursday, October 11, 2007

post and run.

I am experiencing something this morning that I haven't experienced in a really long time - a really crappy, shitty mood. Seriously. In the past few years, I have gotten so much better about not sweating the small stuff, but today everything is getting to me. The traffic was horrible, the shirt my work gave me to wear to an event today is so huge, I can barely get it tucked in. My hair looks like crap, my computer is running slow, the copier got jammed, the shredder isn't working, and our new hire has not shown up yet (an hour late!). Small, stupid things to get all worked up about, but for some reason I am so incredibly irritable today!

Life has been insanely crazy the past few days. I'm sure that has a lot to do with my mood.

I had a visit to the back specialist Monday and she prescribed another month of PT, with more stretching added to the strengthening exercises. I forgot to mention in my Race for the Cure report that I ran into the PT hottie right after crossing the finish line. He gave me that "are you supposed to be running?" look and asked how my back felt.

In school, I have a project due in my international management class on Saturday and I am only 1/2 done. Plus our finance mid-term is in two weeks!

At work, I had to travel to our Austin office on Tuesday, went to a job fair at UH yesterday (arriving at work at 6:15 am to get some "urgent" stuff done before hand) and today I am in the office until noon and then off to Dallas until about 9 pm. And somehow, I have to finish my school project, so that it's worthy of an A. Ugh! I did manage to get in 30 minutes of brisk walking on the treadmill done on Tuesday and 45 minutes of jogging/walking with the kiddo in the jog stroller yesterday. This is the 5th week in a row that I've only been in the office 2-3 days. Yet, there is still so many big projects that have to get done.

Well, I am off to get more of those "urgent" work tasks done before I head to the airport. I'm beginning to wonder if I am ever going to get back to regular posting again.


Viv said...

I am sorry you have been so busy. It sounds like a killer schedule. Hang in there chica. I almost fell off my seat when u said PT hottie was at the finish line. :-0
I hope you get ur things get done, and everything works out better. I am off to Austin tomorrow to get that first 5K under my belt. OMG!

Marcy said...

((((HUGS)))) chica!!! With only a quater of the schedule you have I'd probably be frazzled. Hang in there!!

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