Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Fall has finally arrived in Houston! It's about freaking time! It was great to wake up to temperatures in the 50's for the first time since February. Now, if I had just gone shopping for the kiddo some fall clothes already. Bad Mommy! My poor child has 3 pairs of pants from last year that still fit...and two of them look like total high-waters. That's right, I sent my kid to school this morning looking like Urkel. Luckily, her cute little pink windbreaker with the fleece lining still fits. And, thanks to my Mom, who bought her three cute winter outfits last year that were big enough to put away for this year! But, I need to get them from my Mom. Of course, when I sent her to school this morning, I gave no indication to her that her pants were short...I just told her she looked beautiful. I mean, she goes to pre-school...really, do kids under the age of 5 even notice that kind of stuff? I hope not...I'd hate to give her a complex this early in life. :-)

It's perfect weather for some outdoor running. I hope and pray this weather lasts until Sunday, because that will be the 1st opportunity I'll have to run outdoors. In the meantime, I hope you are all out enjoying it. I'll just have to live vicariously through ya'll. ;-)


Randy said...

Not sure you can live vicariously with a slow day like I had today...the elevation change between Oklahoma and Western Colorado did me in.

The weather here in Grand Junction was great for running today too...mid-50's, no wind...it was great..just wish my times were better...hope things hold out for you until Sunday...

Viv said...

I heard it might be sticking through the weekend. Hope it sticks out for ya! Doing my first longest run to date tomorrow with the group 4 miles around 6ish at Memorial, should be great. I just hope I can hang. LOL! at the kiddos outfit, my son looked the same he was squeezed into last years jacket.