Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Misc Ramblings

I managed to get in 30 minutes on the ol' dreadmill last night after the kiddo was asleep and before I had to hit the books. It's been several days, so just getting in a workout felt great. Tomorrow, I'm heading to Baton Rouge for work...more college recruiting! Thankfully, this is our last college trip until the whole process starts over in late January/early February! It was fun at first, but I am rather sick of interviewing students and seeing college campuses. Of course, this little trip couldn't have come at a worse time. Saturday, my take-home mid-term is due in International Mgmt (which has been pretty much done for almost 2 weeks) and I have my real mid-term in Finance. Plus, the hubby somehow managed to really hurt his back and can barely walk. That makes having kiddo duties while I'm out of town a little difficult. Luckily, his parents are coming into town and can help out.

I'm beginning to get excited for the kiddo about Halloween. She is really looking forward to getting all dressed up in her pumpkin costume and going trick or treating with her older cousin. I am really looking forward to seeing what kind of yummy candy she gets! ;-)

Workout Stats
Treadmill, 30 minutes

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