Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Thanks to Runner Susan and Masthead Factory for my holiday masthead!

I managed to get in two very short workouts...that's about all I've time for. Hardly seems worth it, but I figure 20 good minutes is better than nothing. Oh, I've discovered that running and bad heartburn are not a good combination! I've actually done more walking than running, because everytime I start running, I feel the heartburn and feel like I'm about to lose my lunch! Yuck! And Tums do absolutely nothing for me. Fun!

Thanks to everyone for the bike advice. I think I will look a little more before making my decision. I totally *heart* the black and pink Specialized, but if it doesn't feel as good as the other bikes, I guess I will move on.

Workout Stats
Monday - 20 minutes, treadmill, 13:00 pace (serious heartburn)
Tuesday - 20 minutes, treadmill, 12:30 pace


Viv said...

You got it Christy, 20 minutes is better than nothing. Awesome! Hope the heartburn eases up on you a bit.

Love the new holiday logo header:-)

June said...

I LOVE the new blogger banner!!!!!!!

J~mom said...

Ack!! I hated the pregnancy heartburn!! I suffered from it with all three kiddos!

Marcy said...

You rock!! I think about this time during pregnancy I quit the workouts :-X :-X