Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Short Update

Not too much to report today...I started hitting the books again for my Finance class. I have to admit that after all the studying and preparation for the mid-term only to get a mediocre grade, I was burnt out. I didn't open my book at all over the past two weeks. (I'll admit, not the best way to make a better grade on the final!) I did have to work with my group on another presentation for my Int'l Management class, but that's about all I did. Next, we get to make a video in that class. Sounds like a fun assignment, but no one in my group has any clue how to edit a video. If anyone out there has any tips or knows someone who can help, please let me know!!! :-)

I managed another 30 minutes on the dreadmill this morning doing embarrassingly slow intervals. But, it felt like a 1/2 way decent workout.

Workout Stats
Treadmill, 30 minutes, 2/2 intervals, ~12:40 pace


Viv said...

WTG, with the dreadmill workout! A workout is a workout period. Good luck with the video presentation. I use Windows Movie Maker. It is a standard program with Windows and it is fairly easy to use. It freezes up on occasion so just back up often. If you need any help, let me know. Don't hesitate.

Marcy said...

I TOTALLY agree with Viv!! OMG I can't believe you're actually exercising while pregnant. Seriously, I tried (I really did) but I was SOOOOOOOO tired. YOU ROCK!!!