Friday, November 09, 2007

Craptastic to Terrific

No workout last night! I felt completely craptastic yesterday - headache, achey, sore throat. The kiddo had a fever for the 2nd night in a row and was feeling bad too, so I ended up letting her sleep in our bed and actually went to bed at the same time (8:30 pm). Nothing like almost 10 hours of sleep to make you feel much better. Terrific actually!

Viv, I am also glad to find that other 30-sometings watch The Hills. :-) Oh and the hair/heartburn-thing was totally true with the kiddo...unfortuntely, her hair seemed to stop growing until about 6 months ago. She had a short "mullet" for the longest time!

Good luck to everyone running the 25k this weekend! I have been assigned to the relay exchange area for my volunteer duties, so I hope to see some of you out there racing. I'll be cheering you on!

And thanks to everyone for the congrats. LOL, Holden...I can't remember if I already knew when you made that comment, but you were so right. :-)


Viv said...

Great that the rest worked it's magic! Hope the kiddo is better as well. said...

Good to see you this morning at the 25K!

And, no, I haven't been reading too many blogs, period, as a result of work kicking me in the rear end.

Therefore, I didn't get the earlier news when I scrolled down ... lol