Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Confession Time

Some folks out there might be wondering what going on with me and the sporadic posting. As if working full-time, being in grad school, having an almost-three-year-old and trying to workout on a consistent basis left much time for blogging. ;-) Since I've taken my blog private (which I am still stewing about), I don't think there are really many people visiting my blog on a regular basis....meaning, there may be no one out there wondering whats going on with the sporadic posting. Either way, it's time to come clean.

You probably know all about the lower back issues. They're still there. It's better, but it does hurt to run. Maybe not during the run, but it always comes back to haunt me sooner or later.

You know my crazy-ass schedule has made it more difficult to post. School is nuts and work is also crazy. I used to try to blog if I got to work early, or blog during lunch. Now, I work when I get here early and work through lunch. I'm enjoying both school and work, but having no time for me is not enjoyable.

There's one other thing. A thing that only a few of my fellow bloggers are privy to...


Yep, that's right, yours truly is knocked up.

Due the 1st week of May 2008.

Is the timing great? Probably not, but you know what they say...there's never a perfect time. Of course, waiting until after grad school might have been more ideal. :-)

So, if you can do the math, you will know that I am in the glorious second trimester. Past the nausea that was MUCH worse than with the kiddo and almost past the tired feelings that I never once experienced with the kiddo. My close friends and family have known for a couple of months. My CRR team has also known for a couple of months. I felt that I owed them the truth...I didn't want them thinking I was just some flaky chic who dropped out of the race. But, I didn't tell anyone here at work until this week. Because of that, I was hesitant to post anything here...even if it is a private blog. You just never know.

Sooooo, this might explain...............

  • Why I switched from 47 miles to 23 miles at the Tour de Pink.
  • Why you haven't seen a report on a long run since this one (when I was 2 weeks preggo and didn't know it). That might explain why I thought those last few miles were so friggin tough!
  • Why my race time at the Race for the Cure was nothing short of pathetic.
  • Why I volunteered at the Houston 1/2 and will be volunteering again this weekend at the 25k...and not running either.
  • Why I have not been pushing myself too much to run through the back me, if I was not preggers and still training for the 1/2, I would be running with the help of some NAIDS
  • Why, when you see my short "Treadmill, 30 minutes" workout stat, I don't give you a pace like I used to
  • Why my posts have been so damn boring and sporadic and filled with more and more family stuff...I'm sure no one out there finds run/walking 2:2 intervals very exciting.

With my 1st pregnancy, I continued to run until sometime in my 5th month. Then, I realized when I looked at my overall pace (as I was huffing and puffing), that I was pretty close to my walking pace. That was when I decided that I might as well walk. LOL! So, I walked about 5 days a week through the rest of the time.

I was hoping to do the same this time around too. I thought about how fun it would be to post my times and paces as the months ticked by. How funny it would be to make the my butt grew wider and tummy larger, how much slower and slower I would get. But, I don't think things are going to workout that way. My primary concern has been getting my back better. I mean, can you imagine how much fun it would be to be carrying around an extra 20 lbs in the form of a bowling ball strapped to your gut with lower back pain??? Now that I can walk and sit without pain, the running without pain is not as important to me. I am still running, but like I said, it's slow, short intervals. The one time I did start to try ramping things up a bit more, I had a scare that resulted in me spending an entire day at Women's Hospital doing ultrasounds and exams. Probably not related to running, but it was not fun and made me realize that I am not invincible. It was an experience that I would not like to re-live.

So, here we are. The truth all out in the open. One warning...this blog will probably continue to be sporadic for awhile. I will probably be posting about all the craziness that goes along with preparing for another baby, in addition to complaints about my lack of running. It's your choice whether or not you want to read it. Whatever you decide, please don't be a complete stranger! :-)


Sarah said...

Now that the cat's out of the bag, I can publicly say congratulations! Don't worry, we'll welcome you back with open arms for the CCR next year. :)

Margo said...

Ditto what Sarah said! I was so worried that I would accidentally let something slip! Don't worry about your sporadic blog postings -you do a better job at it than I do and I have to do half the things that you do! Congrats again and hope your back starts feeling better!

Viv said...

Christy, congratulations!! I thought your sporadic posting, which is not as sporadic as you think given your crazy packed schedule was just that supah busy schedule. How fantastic an new addition to the cutesy family. No wonder you did not do the Tour de Donut. I thought for sure you would be there. I love hearing about all that is going on with ya running, non running and life. YAA on the baby!!

Tiggs said...

YAY for new baby!!!!!! Congrats!! As for the sporadic posting- I've always been amazed at how you do all that you do!!!

I'm very excited for you and your family!! Yay!!

Marcy said...

OMG!!!!!! OMG!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!! HOW AWESOME!!! I'm so excited for you!! ;D ;D ;D I can't wait to hear all about it!!

LOL I just figured you were just crazy busy. I've been having a hard time keeping up with you lately because I get all my updates through Blogline and since you're private it doesn't update the new ones *sigh*

Marathon Maritza said...

Thank goodness I got access because SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Congratulations!!!!! I am so baby crazy, though not ready to have one of my own yet, so it's going to be fun to hear how it's going with you.

Take care and again, squeeeeeeee!!

Holden said...

Hey congrats! I distinctly remember a post while back when I said the kiddo is asking for a sibling! It was really so!!!!!

Steeeve said...

Hurrah for new little Striderettes. Timing may not be perfect but at least you knew in plenty time to get a backfill for the CCR. Oh, and yes, you were specifically given the mile 8 timer gig at the Houston Half 'cause that's where we park our preggie volunteers, just a stone's throw from the start/finish line :-)

J~mom said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!! Now it all makes sense!!!!! I had NO clue!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!