Thursday, November 08, 2007

Quickie Update

I just realized I haven't been posting any workout stats...not that there have been that many to post!

Workout Stats
Friday, 11/2
40 minutes, walking w/jog stroller @ Memorial Park followed by 30 minutes at the playground, followed by dinner at Beck's w/the kiddo (mmmm....Mediterranean salad!)

Sunday, 11/4
30 minutes, intervals w/jog stroller @ local park

Wednesday, 11/7
30 minutes, treadmill, intervals (watching The Hills!)

Some conclusions I've come to about this pregnancy....

I already have major heartburn...WTF? I didn't experience that until the last part of my last trimester with the kiddo. I mean, how can I get heartburn from drinking water?

I am already outgrowing my clothes....I didn't need maternity clothes until my 5th month the first time around. Luckily, a lot of my work clothes were a tad bit loose in the waist and I can wear long as I don't have to button them. As for my jeans...forgetaboutit! I've already had to go buy a pair of maternity jeans. They look ridiculous, because they are obviously too big...but I refuse to buy larger regular jeans! It's like a way of telling myself that it would be okay to have to wear the larger size after having the baby. It's not okay!

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Viv said...

I'm gonna say the crazy stuff..The baby has a head full of hair. LOL! Do you not love all those sayings. Awesome workouts you will not need a size bigger jeans and good way to stay out of em by not having them. OK I love The Hills too. I thought I was the only 30ish one who watches it.