Tuesday, December 01, 2009

If it's not one thing....

It's another.

My training was going well for so long. No, it was going GREAT. Then, I get the sore throat, earache, fever thing. Next week is the holiday and well, life happens. I get in my 12 miler and the next day - a stomach bug! Doh!

This, coming from the girl who almost NEVER gets sick. Before kids I NEVER got sick...well, maybe once every 5 years I'd get a cold, but that was it. Since having kids (and before this year), I'd picked up a cold and a stomach bug from them. But this year...jeeze! Enough already! I'll admit, I was sore on Sunday from my 12-miler, but overall it wasn't too bad. But I also had this weird feeling in my stomach. Not exactly queasy, but just not quite right either. I had afternoon lunch plans with some of my girlfriends and by that time, I was feeling pretty good. I had a salad, some chicken with a pesto sauce and 2 Bellini's (dumb, especially when your stomach isn't feeling 100% right). On the way home, I had to stop at Target to pick up a few things and I noticed that my stomach was kind of growling and churning. By the time I made it home, the old tum tum was feeling icky. An hour later....well, I won't go there.

On Monday, the stomach still felt "off", but much better than Sunday night. I consumed a total of 725 calories throughout the day - trying toast, then a banana, finally a meal and later some almonds. I decided the scheduled 6-miler on the dreadmill was going to have to wait until the next day. I hadn't consumed enough calories to have a good run, plus I figured I better make sure the stomach was back to normal.

There's only 7 weeks left until the 1/2 marathon here in Houston...I'm keeping my fingers crossed that there are no more weird bugs, illnesses or injuries in my future!


Junie B said...

i hope so too!!!

i cant believe its SEVEN. WEEKS. AWAY.


Jenn said...

Well, now's the time to get the sickness out of your system! Hope you're feeling better today and I'll keep my fingers crossed that you stay healthy for Houston!!!

Running Diva Mom said...

Tell me about it ... kids are full of germs ... and mommy can't afford to get sick!! Congrats on getting your 12 miler in, as well as a decent distance on the dreadmill. Take care of yourself and you will get those miles in!!

Tara said...

Oh girl! I hope you are feeling better soon! I'm sure this won't affect your training, but yes, it does suck when you get sick and can't run. Hang tough!