Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm baaaaacccckkkk!

I've been a bad blogger. Holidays have hit and I've been a busy girl. But, I've been a good girl and I've been running!

The day after my missing mojo post, I decided to hop on the treadmill and just run my little heart out for a couple of miles. Guess I was just trying chase down that missing mojo...the 1st mile was run just under 10:30. The 2nd mile was a 9:48 pace. I found the mojo.

The day after that (Friday) it SNOWED! Yes, SNOW in HOUSTON! It was an awesome sight, even if it never really stuck to the ground in our neck of the stuck everywhere else around here, but oh well! Sorry, but we almost never get SNOW in Houston...especially 2 YEARS IN A ROW; therefore I must type SNOW in caps, bolded and red. :o)

Here's the kiddo swinging in the snow, I mean SNOW!

Here's the munchkin wondering around the backyard...he's not sure what all the fuss is about, but just happy to be outside playing. Don't mind the dead grass, lol!

Meet "Slushman"...the SNOW started to stick around 3 pm, only to stop completely about 30 minutes later. Mr. Slushman stuck around until the next morning. We will miss him!

Saturday following what I will now refer to as "SNOW Friday", I had the most amazing 10-miler. Friday night I actually toyed with the idea of postponing the 10-miler until Sunday...after all, it was predicted to be around 29 degrees! I set my alarm clock - you know, just in case. Sure enough, I woke up and looked out my window to see an amazing sight of frost everywhere. It was gorgeous and I knew I would be running after all. You northerners would have laughed at me, because I looked as if I was going to be running in a blizzard! I had on my running tights, my red Ten for Texas cap, a short sleeve technical shirt, a long sleeve technical shirt, my Chicago Marathon jacket (that is made for 0 degree, windy, rainy weather!) and my gloves. Thank God no one else was dumb enough to get out that early on such a cold morning, because I looked just plain stupid! I had the jacket off before I even finished my first mile!

The entire neighborhood was covered in was just awesome! The miles just ticked by. Before I knew it, I was back at my section of the ' 1:39. Yeah, I knew my mileage had to be off, but I didn't know because my Garmin is still not working. So, I did one more 2-mile loop around the hood. I drove the route later to find that I had run around 9.25 miles and with the additional 2 miles, it was a total of 11.25 miles at ~10:42 pace. Cool beans! And, I have to say that this run was one of my favorite ever. Running in the cool air during the quiet of the morning gave me a deep sense of contentment. Not because I was feeling strong, but because I was running...something I may complain about, but something I absolutely love to do.

The next week I ran on the dreadmill as usual. Friday I had a zillion things to do, so my long run was scheduled for Saturday. Plus, I had the opportunity to run with my running peeps! But, the weather was predicted to be totally craptastic on Saturday and the run was postponed until Sunday. Unfortunately, the weather was still incredibly crummy on Sunday too, but it didn't matter because my running peep, Kelly, was still planning to run! This was an amazing run. I guess it was all the chatting we did, because the miles went by so quickly! Before I knew it, it was time to turn around and head back towards our cars. Not only that, but we managed to run just under 12 miles, maintain a great pace and have a negative split! As for fuel, I think I could have had more Gatorade - I had 12 oz of Gatorade (some of which was consumed after my run) and 4 oz of water. I also had an orange (small Clementine) and 4 Honey Bee Stinger gels before my run, 4 more Stingers between mile 4 & 5, then the last 3 stingers around miles from the finish. I really should have been paying better attention to what I consume during my long runs, so I am starting now.

Sooo, life is good. I hope to be a better blogger between now and the 1/2 marathon in January. There are so many awesome options to come after that and I have some decisions to make - TIR? Zooma? Gateway to the Bay? Lucky Trails? MS150? Lonestar Sprint? CB&I?

Decisions, decisions!

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Anne said...

Definitely sounds like you got your mojo back. I like the race that's called Lucky Trails!

(And thanks for the well wishes...they worked.)