Thursday, December 17, 2009

Latest workout and some random crap

Monday, 12/14
Monday, the legs were feeling pretty darn good considering I ran 12 miles the day before. At first I was going to do my P90X "Core Synergistics" dvd, but later decided to run a couple of miles on the ol' dreadmill and then do the P90X "Ab Ripper X" dvd instead. As usual, life happens - while putting the Kiddo to bed (at 8 pm), I realized that I had to bake cookies for the Kiddo's dance class holiday party the next day. Oh snap! Fortunately for me, I bought some cookie dough from one of the neighborhood kids and completely forgot about it. I used that and then worked on "Ab Ripper X" while the cookies were baking. Instead of running, I worked on my syllabus for the class I'm teaching in the Fall.....

*Warning - Off topic subject ahead*
Oh wait! I forgot to tell you! I am teaching a Human Resources class one night each week at a local community college! Yes, me....a "professor"! LOL! Scary, huh?

Now that I am actually working on my syllabus and course work, I am beginning to question my sanity. First, this class is not close to my home or work, so that one night per week will make for a very long day. Second, I still want to sign up for a ton of sprint distance triathlons and maybe an Oly...I'm not sure how much time per week this class will take, so I'm a bit nervous about that! Third, I am teaching students. Real people. People who may actually want to learn something. No pressure, lol! Anyway, this is something I've always wanted to try and this is my chance...maybe I will like it and totally rock, or maybe I will suck. We'll see.

Tuesday, 12/15
Back to the workouts - Tuesday, my schedule called for 45 minutes on the treadmill. Per coach, we were to run at a moderate pace, increase pace slightly at 20 minutes and then try to finish with a hard effort for the last 5 minutes. I did it - final pace was 10:38 for 4.23 miles.

Wednesday, 12/16
Rest day. I felt like running, but had to finish up my syllabus. I think I have that all done, but I'm trying to figure out if I want to have a large project to be done over the course of the semester, or a few smaller projects scattered throughout the semester. Decisions, decisions.


lifestudent said...

I guess it depends on your personality and your interests, but most people find teaching to be worth all of the time and/or energy you put into it. And while that first semester might be a bit time consuming (likely, it will be), if you teach the same class again the next term you have a lot less prep and the class will move like clockwork. You will love it!

Anne said...

I was an adjunct professor for awhile and loved it. My work at the CC level was particularly gratifying because most students are also working adults paying their own way and have a deeper appreciation for their education.