Wednesday, December 23, 2009

'Tis the Season!

Oh my gosh, I am soooo frickin' tired!

No run last night...we had to clean house and then "gift wrapping extravaganza 2009" began. We finished up around 12:30 am. I took a vacation day from work, just so I could get a few errands done and maybe even unwind with a movie (gasp!). I got the kiddies off to school, came home and did the previous night's run. The schedule called for 50 minutes, but I was short on time and decided to just run my neighborhood 4-mile route. The schedule called for an "EASY" figured with a holiday week that EASY just made more sense. I headed out of my section of the 'hood a little too quickly, but it felt good. I looked at my watch around the .25 mark and found that I was at a 10 minute pace. That's pretty fast for me...definitely not an EASY pace for me. But again, it felt good. So I just ran my route and ran what felt good. When I was just .25 away from the finish, I picked up the pace. When I stopped my watch, I was surprised to see 40:18. Ummm, so much for easy...that was a 10:04 pace.

I have 6 miles on tap for tomorrow and I know I will keep it at an EASY PEASY pace. Besides, the left quad is still need to make it angry only a little over 3 weeks from the 1/2!

I did run my errands and I went to the kid's school holiday party and I actually did see a movie. I went to see Blindside and lemme just say...


The movie itself is very good. Both Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw did an excellent job, not to mention the kid who plays the main character, Quinton Aaron. The story of Michael Oher is just awesome and inspiring. Definitely a great movie to see just 3 weeks away from a big race!



Meg Runs said...

ha, ha! I remember those present wrapping nights, exhausting! For some reason we always got stuck doing it on Christmas Eve...not tonight baby!! The kids are older so gift cards are easy to the way, that reminds me that this time goes by so fast, enjoy tonight and tomorrow!!! I really want to see that movie, thanks for the positive report!
Merry Christmas!!

That Pink Girl said...

You are so right, The Blind Side was fantastic!