Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Running reunion

Last night I was reunited with my treadmill. It had been more than a week since I'd been on it...that's a long break for my treadmill. The kiddos were in bed by 8:30 and I was ready to go, but I made the mistake of turning on my TV and found a huge distraction...

The Bachelor.

I'll admit, I watched the show the 1st few seasons. Then I started grad school and that put an end to almost all TV for 2 years. When I finally finished grad school, I never really got back into watching much TV, especially The Bachelor....and, based on my friend's FB status updates, I didn't seem to be missing much. But for some reason, I've gotten sucked in this season. So, there I sat for a 1/2 hour watching the girls get catty and watch the poor sucker bachelor hand out roses. Yeah, it was 9 pm when I finally got on the treadmill. And I was dvr-ing the show. Actually, it was a little later than that, because the kiddo came out of her room. Here's the conversation:

Me: Hey, what are you doing up? It's way past your bed time.

Kiddo: (In a very urgent tone) Mommy! I have 7 seconds to put up all my ponies (meaning My Little Ponies) and princesses (meaning her mini princess dolls), so I can go to bed!

Me: Wow, 7 seconds? That's not very long...I better help you!

Where do kids come up with this stuff? So, we both put up the toys and she had to tell me what bracelet she wanted to wear the next day, etc. and finally, I made it to the treadmill.

The 1st mile was slow. Partially on purpose, because it's been a week since I've run. And partially because I felt like I had cobwebs and the legs just wouldn't get moving. Then I had a coughing attack - the kind where you feel like you're gonna hack up a lung. Finally, I got into my groove and managed 4 miles at a 10:43 pace.

One thing I noticed on my final run before the 1/2 and just a little during the 1/2, was a nagging little pain in my lower back. It's a familiar feeling, but one I hadn't felt in awhile. One that required physical therapy twice...grrrr. You see, when I 1st started running I learned that my hips were out of alignment. This causes one leg to be slightly higher up than the other, and after long periods of time running the impact eventually causes my lower back to hurt (just to the right of my butt). The pain comes and goes, so I'm going to just wait and see what happens. I'm hoping that adding the cross training for the tri and not as much running will help. Keep your fingers crossed!


Julie said...

Hi! I used to watch the Bachelor but I have not for the past few seasons. I hear about it on the radio and ect. It is pretty entertaining:) Good job getting on the treadmill and sorry to hear about your back. I have not done a thing since my half on Saturday...who is the bum now?

Staci Dombroski said...

My friend has the same problem! Did the physical therapy help you a lot? Should I recommend that to her? She was thinking about going to a chiropractor.

TX Runner Mom said...

Staci, honestly the 1st time around the PT helped get rid of the problem completely. The 2nd time around, I didn't notice a difference at all. I was preggo at the time and the pain eventually went away...until now. I was actually considering a chiropractor.

Julie, I think you deserve a little break after your 1/2! And a rita! :-)

Meg said...

I have/had the same problem with my leg being shorter than the other and I'm seeing a PT who is giving me all sorts of exercies and treatment and it is definitely getting better! Don't let it go though or you'll eventually have muscles shutting down like I did!! I have been watching The Bachelor this season but the girls are so icky, it's kind of hard to watch!

Anne said...

Hope that pain is just last-minute race jitters and nothing serious. I can't wait to join you on a treadmill. The Bachelor...I'm not so sure about. (But, hey, I have my own TV vices to get me through too.)

Melissa said...

Sorry to hear about the pain! I have one hip that is higher than the other (bone is slightly longer) and I'm starting to notice hip pain from it.
Maybe I should look into PT for it.