Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend Workouts

This weekend, I only had a couple of short workouts.

Saturday, 1/23 - Swim, 30 minutes

Saturday was just a nasty, drizzly desire to run from the previous day was gone, so instead I headed to the pool. Only 30 minutes, but I figure every little bit of practice helps. It's soooo awesome that the new gym is less than 10 minutes from home and the lap lanes are actually open! I had the entire pool (4 lanes) to myself! This is much different than the Y where most of the lanes were being used for lessons and swim team, so I had to share a lane with 4 people. Not to mention I had to drive 20-30 minutes to get there (depending on traffic). I love it! I was playing around on and decided to do a 100 yd time trial. In fact, I did 4 different time trials - on the first two, I did nothing but freestyle and my time was 2:23 each time. SLOW! Oh well, at least it was consistent, lol! On the next time trial, I did my trusty side-stroke. You know, just for grins. Wanna guess my time?


I was almost laughing out loud at that. Yes, I am consistently sucky at any stroke! But this time I noticed that the sidestroke took much more effort than freestyle. I was actually out of breath! Could it be that I'm finally getting more comfortable with the whole freestyle thing? I think I am - hallelujah and thank the baby Jesus!

After swimming more and doing some drills, I tried the time trial again. This time around, I managed to finish in 2:14. Oh well, at least I know what I am working with and can track my progress every so often.

Sunday, 1/24 - bike, 10 miles

Sunday the weather was awesome! Highs in the high 60's, gorgeous blue skies...just awesome! However, there was one little problem....the wind. I don't know how bad the gusts were, but as we were driving to church the hubby commented on how the flags were standing straight out. Good for surfing here in Texas, but sucky for riding a bike!

After church, the Kiddo had a birthday party to go to - seeing 12 5-year olds trying to bowl was pretty hilarious. Next up, we went for a walk around the 'hood and played in the backyard a bit. Finally, it was time to ride. My expectations weren't high because this was the 1st real road ride I've done in about 4 months, but I did hope to maintain a respectable pace and at least get in 10 miles. Riding with the wind at my back was fun! Max speed was 21.9 mph. However, riding into the wind SUCKED! My pace went all the way down to 10.4 mph at one point. It was brutal. But, I figure the wind could be like that at any of the upcoming triathlons...better suck it up and learn to deal with it! My average pace for the 10 miles was 15 on the dot.


Bethany + Ryan said...

oh boy, your post is reminding me of how badly i need to get back in the pool! its been like 2 months! and to think i'm blaming it all on my swimsuit! or lack there of! i need to get a new one before i can swim. oh excuses excuses. is that your actual pool? thats nice! i swim at the Y, the original Y (huntington Ave Y in Boston) and the orignal pool! its old! LOL

Anonymous said...

I hear ya on the weather this weekend. I do my long run on Saturdays and my husband does his on Sundays. Well, for the last two weekends, the weather on Saturdays has sucked! But Sundays have been bluebird days or pretty darn close to it! Yesterday was a little on the windy side. Good for you for swimming and biking this weekend. You did great!

Julie said...

I wish I could be a strong swimmer, I really do! Good job on the swimming and biking! I would love do the biking thing but I need to purchase a new bike. I remember when my kids were little and taking them bowling...good times:)

Anne said...

Swimming and biking this week is all good! Just the fact that you train for TRIs, with young kids to manage...I bow down to you :)

TX Runner Mom said...

Julie, I am nowhere near a strong swimmer...I'm just a "finish the course without drowning" swimmer, lol! I am working to be stronger though...

Jen's Journey said...

Yes, I was there! You could of come by to say hi!!!! I am there a lot during the week, so if you ever see me come by and say hello!

Have a great day, it is beautiful outside!

Julie said...

I promise you that you are a way better swimmer than me...hands down without a question:) See how much faith I have in you and how little I have in myself and my lame wimpy stroke:)