Friday, January 08, 2010

Stupid, Stupid, Stooooopppppiiiiiddddd

Tuesday, 1/5 - 48 minute treadmill run with intervals
This was a crazy day for us, because it was the day that the Munchkin was getting tubes in his ears! The procedure itself is no big deal – they make a small incision in the eardrum and insert a teeny, tiny little tube that will let all the icky stuff drain out. Nasty, I know, but like I said - no big deal. It was the general anesthesia was what worried me. Scary stuff when it’s your 19-month old. Luckily, things went great! The kiddo did great at the hospital before and after the surgery. By the time we made it back home, he was all ready to play just like normal! The Dr and nurses told us he’d be ready to go to school the next day, but I wasn’t quite sure. It was true!

As for the running….obviously it’s taper time. This was very apparent in Coach’s schedule this week…this week’s interval workout was 10 minute warm-up, 3 minutes easy x 1 minute hard (do 7 times), end with 10 minute cool down. Yeah, usually it would be 3 minutes hard x 1 minute easy, lol. Overall pace was 10:32.

Now what was stupid about this? My legs and arms were sore! Remember that “Jullian Michael’s 30-day Shred” video I bought and then did on Sunday? And, remember a few weeks ago when I had some quad pain? Yeah…the 1st exercise was a total quad killer. I felt the pull, but of course I kept going. On Monday, I didn’t notice any pain at all. Then again, that was an easier run. On Tuesday, I felt it. Not horrible, but still…It did seem to subside as time went on, so I was able to finish the run. I was kind to the quad after the run and iced it. Hopefully, it will be a non-issue!

Wednesday, 1/6 - rest day
Decided to rest the sore quad. Cleaned house instead…does that count as workout?

Thursday, 1/7 - rest 20 minute treadmill run
I know 20 minutes doesn’t sound like a lot of time on the treadmill, but originally I didn’t think I was going to get to run at all. You see, I invited a few of my favorite running peeps over for dinner and a movie. What movie, you ask? Why, Spirit of the Marathon, of course! Well that and we watched some of the Kona 2010 coverage. Good times!

Anywho, I had completely forgotten that I had a work training in the afternoon. This training was only 15 minutes from home, so no 5 pm rush hour to contend with. And, the training let out early, so that means I had time to run! Not much time obviously, because I also thought it would be fun to surprise the kids by picking them up from school too. But, I had enough time for a quickie 20 minute run…I knew I would not be eating my usual healthy dinner, so I needed to burn at least a few calories. Every little bit helps!

Friday, 1/8 - rest day
Brrrr, it's frickin' cold out there! Highs today in the 30s today and tomorrow with lows in the teens!

I didn't get a workout in, but I did head over to Tri On The Run during my lunch break to try on wetsuits. Lemme tell you, there is nothing more humbling than trying on a wetsuit! The guys at TOTR are awesome, but they suggested I try on a small suit first. Yeah, sorry, I know I am not large...but I am not small either. I have some, um, curvy legs and hips....a size small has never fit in those areas. At least not since grade school! I did find one I like, but I wanted to sleep on it. I actually have an opportunity to buy a used wetsuit too, so I want to check that out too. The good news is that TOTR is trying to get rid of all their 2009 suits since the 2010 ones will be in soon....50% off on some! Too bad the ones that fit me are close to $600. Ouch! I can't wait for the arctic front to move on so we can get in some OWS practices!

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junie b said...

you know when i saw you post about Shred (on FB i think) i thought oh no...i bought that video last summer, did it a couple of times and was like NO WAY during training season...and you did it a week out!!! SILLY NILLY!!

you will be good, just dont go doing anything new THIS week chica!