Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Wine and Snooze

Monday, 4/4 - Rest Day
As much as I love my weekend workouts, sometimes they tire me the heck out. I was feeling that weary feeling on Monday and decided it was time for a rest.

Tuesday, 4/5 - Insanity, Spin and Swim Dine
I woke up at the insanely early 4:30 am and made it through an insanely tough Inasanity workout - Cardio Power and Resistance. At lunch I headed over to the gym at work for spin class. This time, the instructor had some great music! Lots of upbeat re-mixes that helped me survive the climbs, rolling hills, jumps and running. Tuesday nights are normally my swim nights, but I had dinner with a good friend and former co-worker was a lot of fun catching up! And yes, there was wine and dessert, too!

Wednesday, 4/6 - Run, 3 miles, 9:38 pace
A big thank you goes out to Mother Nature this week! She blessed us with much cooler temperatures this week and it is GREATLY appreciated. On Monday morning, it was 76 degrees and very humid. Yesterday morning, we had a cool 43 degrees and this morning it was in the 50s - LOVE IT! I figured I could do Insanity later...I was gonna enjoy these temps! I wanted to run forever, but unfortunately there was only time for 3 miles. (Yes, I pushed the snooze button a few too many times.) And by the time I do my long run this weekend, it will be warm and humid again. Grrr....Mother Nature is just bi-polar.


Tricia said...

Hot, cool, hot, cool. Crazy texas weather ;)

Teamarcia said...

Mother nature is a wackjob around here lately. But they're saying 80 for Sunday so I won't call her too many names.

Anne said...

I'd have picked dinner and wine with friends over a swim workout too.