Thursday, April 14, 2011


The weather has been awesome least for the 1st 1/2 of the week. That's the way it works in TX.

Tuesday, 4/12 - Insanity and Bike
Tuesday morning, the weather rocked! In the 50s in the morning with almost no humidity. For whatever reason, I did Insanity indoors. As soon as I went outside, I was wishing that I had opted for a run instead. In the afternoon the temps reached the low 80's, but the humidity was low. Lately, Tuesday has been my spin class day, but there would be none of that today - I had jury duty instead. I did get to take the bike outside for a spin though. We had some errands to run, so I didn't have much daylight...30 minutes on the bike @ 17 mph pace. Better than nothing!

Wednesday, 4/13 - Run, 3 miles 10:12 pace
This time, I was going to enjoy the weather. I figured I could do Insanity in my living room any day! It was awesome - around 58 and low humidity. I got in 3 miles and wished I had time for more! This was just a "get out there and enjoy the weather" kinda pace goals, just do what feels comfy.

Thursday, 4/14 - Run, 4 miles, 10:21 pace
Okay, so obviously I am not making attempts at getting in my true tri training this week. Between jury duty, coming home and catching up on work e-mails and getting ready for our vacay, there just hasn't been time. But, I did want to get in one more run before we head to Florida. The weather was back to typical Houston weather - 70 degrees and humid. Ick! The goal was to just run at an easy pace. I was thinking of keeping the run around a 10:30 pace, but everytime I looked down I was a little faster than that. I had the perfect opportunity to re-live my childhood during this run - right as I was about to pass a house, the sprinklers came on. It was perfect timing, because I hopped up on the sidewalk and ran right through them. It felt great! When I got back to my house, I was sweating like crazy for some reason...even after my shower. It made putting on make-up a little bit of a challenge, lol!

The rest of my Thursday was spent getting the luggage all packed for our trip! Fun, fun! The kids are going to be so surprised - I can't wait!


Jill said...

Jealous you're heading off to Florida - have a blast and enjoy!!! :)

K said...

Have a wonderful time!! Let's run when you get back!