Friday, April 08, 2011

Workouts and Randomness...

Thursday, 4/7 - Insanity and Swimming Not much to say...I woke up early to do Insanity - Pure Cardio and then headed to the pool in the evening to swim 1,600. I made it back home in time to help the hubby put the kiddos to bed and then it was time for some Malbec for mommy! Just a 1/2 glass, but it was oh so yummy!

And now for the randomness.... I haven't mentioned this yet, but we're taking the kids to Disney next week! This is the 1st time we've been with the kids and it's a big surprise for them, so shhhhhhhh! I think I am just as excited as they're going to be. Soooo, this time next week we will be at the most magical place on earth...or is it the happiest?

Another thing we had planned on doing while we were in sunny Florida was drive to Titusville to watch the final launch of the Space Shuttle Endeavor! This was pretty much my idea - I am a space nerd and seeing a shuttle launch is on my bucket list and has been since high school. In fact, we kept waiting and waiting to make our reservations, because shuttle launch dates pretty much always change. First it was scheduled for April 1st, then the date moved to the 19th. And it stayed there...and stayed there, so we booked our trip. Naturally, it moved again - on Monday it was announced that the new launch date will be the 29th. And no, we will will not be there that long! Bummer! But, there are worse places in the world to be stuck than Disney and something tells me that the kids will be perfectly fine with an extra day with the mouse.

I also have jury duty on Monday (yay me!) and I am on vacation Thursday and Friday, so next week is going to be short but crazy! And, I am completely overwhelmed by how much planning goes into going to Disney! There's all kinds of info on the web to help you plan, but I would have preferred planning this a year in have to schedule meals with the characters, beauty sessions at a boutique, know which park is best to go to on which days, what rides to go to first (to avoid the lines), which you should use a fast pass for....holy crap, there's so much to know! I am trying to keep the Type A in me under control...but that doesn't mean that I haven't created an Excel spreadsheet with a day by day itinerary (i.e. which parks on which days, the order we're riding the rides, where we're eating, etc.). :-) Well, that's enough randomness for now. Have a great weekend!

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