Monday, April 04, 2011

Workout Love

I love the weekend workouts.

My favorite? The bike!

I hate it when the weather is bad on the weekend mornings, because without my weekend morning workouts, I am a grump (okay, I am really a biotch, but I was trying to keep the blog PG-13). Once I've got my workout in, I am ready for the rest of the day - fun with the kids, hanging with the hubby, grocery shopping, etc.

Saturday, April 2 - Bike/Run Brick
I would have loved to ride my bike for about 45 miles, but the kiddos had soccer games so time was limited. Plus, I really need to start working brick workouts into my routine I compromised and rode 30 miles and ran 2 miles.

I seem to be stuck - my pace on the bike has been 16.2 mph for the past few weeks. The bike is one area where I really think I have room for improvement. The past 2 years, my training rides were closer between 14.8 - 15 mph, and my race pace always stayed around 18 mph. This year, I've been on my bike a lot more and for longer distances. Now my average training ride pace is around 16 mph...I'd like to get faster, but I am clueless when it comes to the bike. Is it the same as running? Do speedwork and tempo rides? Someone clue me in. :-)

After my ride, I ran my bike up my driveway into my garage for a little T2 practice. I removed the helmet, changed shoes and was off. And then I turned around and ran into the house for a quick potty break. Doh! I am always surprised at how much faster I tend to run after being on the bike. I managed to finish my 2 miles in 18:40 (a 9:20 pace). The fastest brick I've done was last summer - bike 15 miles, run 2 @ a 9:25 pace, so I was super pleased with this run! I don't think I could have held that pace for another mile, but it gives me something to shoot for at CB&I next month.

Sunday, 4/3 - Long run, 9 miles, 10:45 pace
That pace says it all - warm, humid, tired legs. I'll admit it, my glutes were still sore from Friday's Insanity workout and my legs were a little tired from my brick the day before. I didn't notice the sore glutes at all on the bike the day before, but I definitely noticed it on my run (for at least the 1st mile)! Ouch!

This run was pretty uneventful. I tried to run every loop in every section of the neighborhood, just so I didn't=t have to see the same scenery more than once. But, I started the run in the dark, pre-dawn areas and there are some sections of my neighborhood that are just too dark to venture into before daylight. I was going for 10-miles, but by the time I reached my section of the neighborhood, I was already at 9 miles and a little change...rather than do another loop of my section, I decided that I'd call it a day.

The rest of the weekend consisted of grocery shopping, a birthday party for one of the kiddo's school friends, a baby shower for my cousin, more fishing at the neighborhood lake and a trip to Target for a new Chi. It doesn't seem like a lot, but it certainly felt like a busy weekend!

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Michael said...

Great job on the workouts. I need to be better about getting more BRICK workouts in.