Monday, April 11, 2011


And now for the boring stuff...

Saturday, 4/9 - Long run, 9 miles
It was warm, it was humid. At least there was a breeze. The goal was to run 10 miles, but my car is in the shop and we had to pick up a rental before heading to the Kiddo's soccer game. We were told that the rental car place opened at 8 am, so I cut my run short...turns out they open at 9 am. Guess I could have run that extra mile. Grrrr... My pace was a less than spectacular 10:43. I think I can do better...heat and all.

After soccer, the Kiddo told me that she didn't want to play soccer anymore. Guess that all works out, since it was her last game of the Spring season. I just wish she would have told me that before I bought her a brand new pair of soccer shoes. Oh well! So in 3 weeks, both the Kiddo and Munchkin will start swim lessons again. Then, we had to head to a wedding shower, the grocery store and a few other errands. Before I knew it, it was 8 pm!

Sunday, 4/10 - Rest day
Okay, I skipped the bike ride this week for a very good reason. I went to Galveston to cheer on my tri friend, Kelly, and a few other folks at the Texas 70.3. It was a great day! I am super sunburned, and I have no voice after all that yelling and cheering, but it was worth it. I will post pics later.

Monday, 4/11 - Insanity
Is it sad that I've already forgotten the name of this workout? It was the one I despise the most - with the push-ups, running in plank position, ski abs and in and outs in plank....ugh, misery! But I love it! :-)

It's been an interesting day, to say the least. My car has been in the shop since Friday. Turns out the dealership who repaired my car 4 years ago after an accident did really crappy work...we've already had to have one repair redone and now we're paying about $1,000 to replace another part that was not repaired properly. That doesn't include the original repairs we took the car in for - new breaks and belts. Yeah, not exactly what we need right before leaving for vacation.

On top of the car repairs, I was selected for jury duty! Oh well, on Friday we will be in Florida and making great memories with the kids...can't wait!


Jenn said...

I've never tried this Insanity but that workout sounds like a good one! Nice job on the 9 miles. Have fun in Florida!!

K said...

Have a wonderful vacation! Don't worry about the other stuff, it will all still be waiting for you when you get back!

Enjoy the family and relax. You deserve it!