Thursday, October 12, 2006

Dr's appt & a quick run

I left work early to go to the Dr. I feel like, for once, she was pretty thorough. She ordered an EKG, a chest x-ray & bloodwork. I had to laugh when the nurse, who was doing the EKG said, "Wow, your resting heart rate looks good, you must be in shape!". I was like, "Well, I run, but I don't know about being in shape"....I guess "pear" is a shape! Anyway, the EKG was fine, but the doc did mention possibly having inflammation in the muscles/ligaments (I don't know which) in the chest area (obviously not affecting the size of that area itself...hahaha!) . She requested the blood work to look for anemia and bloodclots. I should have some results by tomorrow or Monday at the very latest. She did say that she did not think it was anything life threatening, which is certainly good to hear. :-)

Afterwards, I went to pick up a few items at Babies R Us for the kiddo for our trip. The poor child has hardly any winter clothes yet, so I picked up a couple of cute sweaters & a fleece hoodie. I also bought a cheap umbrella stroller that will be much easier to get on and off the L than the huge "travel system" we're currently using. Next, I headed to Weight Watchers to weigh in. It's been 3 weeks since my last visit and in that time, I've lost 2.5 lbs. That's a grand total of 12 lbs...which amounts to about a weight loss of about .5 lbs/week. Not spectacular by any means, but I won't complain too much. I'm just happy that I'm not making the scale head in the other direction. I am a little bummed that I didn't hit my goal weight before the marathon, but I only have 4 lbs to go -and- this is the thinnest I've been since before I was preggo! I ended up staying for the meeting to get inspired and on the right track again.

Finally, I went for a run in my parent's neighborhood before I picked up the kiddo. I headed out to do 35 minutes. When I was about 10 minutes from my starting point, I noticed that the darkening skies had gotten closer and there was lightening. There's one thing this runner girl does not mess with and that's Mother Nature. I don't mind running in the rain, but I DO NOT like lightening! So, I headed back and ended with only a 20-minute run. I'll try it again tomorrow.

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Vic said...

This was a great post. RW had a cool article about runners going to the doctor. They told some stories about the doctor thinking the person was near death with a low HR. Then it's not uncommon to have blood in your urine. I told my wife if I ever go to the emergency room, to be sure and tell them that I run. LOL!!! btw, that's a hoot about the chest inflammation.

Hey, my opinion of the .5 lbs/week is that is awesome, real weight loss. I'd much rather lose it that way than 3 lbs. a week like you do by starving yourself. Besides, weight loss and marathon training don't go together very well so you're doing great. Congratulations!