Sunday, October 01, 2006

Quick catch up

Friday, I took the entire day off work. I started my day by taking the kiddo to school, something I rarely get to do. Then, I headed dr's office for an appointment and finally to the library to study. After a few hours of studying, I had had enough of accounting. I headed over to
Meyer Park to run. It was only the 2nd time I've run there and I enjoyed the change of scenery. Meyer Park has 3 different running trails that surround soccer fields, a playground and even a duck pond, so there's lots of to look at while you run (distractions!). There's the option of a 1 1/3 mile, 7/8 mile and 1 1/4 mile trail. I decided to run the 1 1/4 mile trail twice, because it winds around the pond and playground...a little more scenic than the other two. It was warm, but not unbearable. Apparently, I missed all the great cool weather earlier in the week while I was studying. I made the 2 loops in a little over 30 minutes. It was great to get out and run again.

As I drove to school, I could see the pink and white balloons on the footbridge near the
Freedman's District. I was missing the Race for the Cure ! Bummer! On top of that, I was missing my 21-miler with Houston Fit's Fall program. I did my 20-miler last week, but so far I've missed all the milestone long runs with my group. However, I did get to cheer for my fellow Houston Fitters. As I was driving down Montrose to get to the campus, I started to see some familiar folks running in my direction. It was the Houston Fit fall group! I honked a couple of times and even said hello to one person at a stop light. I'm sure the folks I honked at had no idea who I was, as I actually had my hair fixed and full make-up on! By the way, the Accounting exam was not so bad after all. I know that I didn't "Ace" it by any means, but I felt well prepared and was not thrown off by any of the questions. Hooray for studying!!!

Sunday, I arrived at the park around 6:30 am. The weather was nice and cool, around 72. However, the humidity was killer! I hadn't even made it halfway around the track when I realized I was sweating as if it were 90. I really should have run a minimum of 3 loops around the park, but instead went for 2. Again, no motivation to run the distance alone. But, I did manage to make the 2 loops good ones. My average pace was 11:10 and I had a few miles in the middle of the run at a 10:40 pace.

In the afternoon, we had a Houston Fit fall group social at
Luke's Locker. I purchased a new pair of Saucony Grid Stabils, which I am happy to report were on sale for only $50! Yes, I was doing the happy dance! The shoes are not the coolest-looking running shoes, but I need motion control and they seem to work well for me. I was tempted to pick up another pair, as I was advised that Saucony would be releasing the newer version of the shoe soon. I also found a cute Brooks running shirt that even has a little zipper compartment for storing things like an ID, gu or keys. The hubby bought some insoles and new socks. And, we both stocked up on our energy potions - Vanilla Bean Gu for me and he decided to try the Sports Beans in various flavors. The hubby is not really into running, but will be starting SWAT school in a couple of weeks. He figured with 3 straight hours of PT each day, the Sports Beans may come in handy.

Many thanks to the folks at Luke's Locker for all they do for the running community! And, kudo's to our Houston Fit coaches for their support. It was great hearing all about their experiences about the fall marathons. They gave us some great tips on everything from packing for the trip to how to meet up with your family after the event. The countdown is on...3 more weeks!

Run long & Livestrong!


Vic said...

Good running, Christy. Great deal on those shoes. Counting down!!! You're going to do great.

TX Runner Girl said...

Ummm, I'm looking back at this post and realize it wasn't so "quick" after all!