Monday, October 09, 2006

Saturday LR

The weather was perfect! I woke up to temps in the high 60's and I danced a little jig with my PB toast in my kitchen to celebrate. FINALLY!!! COOL WEATHER FOR A LR!!!

It was an interesting drive to the park. On the way, I witnessed a 1 car accident. A guy was speeding up behind me, only to switch to the lane on my left and then cut across in front of me and over one more lane to exit I-10 at the last minute. I think he was going a little too fast and oversteered, because he hit the right curb on the exit ramp, swung back and hit the curb on the left side and then spun out of control!

The run was not quite as exciting as the ride over, but it was very enjoyable. We almost felt cold as we stretched. This is my last run with Houston Fit before the Chicago marathon (I have class next Saturday), so I was happy to see the gang...Julie, Mary Jane and Pam. I missed seeing Marie and Francis, so I am hoping to see them at least once before their marathons in the next few weeks. I also met two red group runners who are running Chicago!

Our route was an out and back to 18th street in the Heights - a total of 11 miles. I like this route, because we see a little of Memorial Dr., a little of Rice Military and we get a nice, cushy non-cement path on Heights Blvd. I honestly felt like we were truckin' it on the way out. Then, on the way back we kept a steady, but not as fast pace. We did have one restroom stop at a porta potty at a construction site on Blossom. Thank goodness it was unlocked and had tp! I forgot to stop my stopwatch and was surprised to see our finish time of 2:19! Yikes, considering that we had great weather and took no extra walk breaks, that was pretty damn slow!

Oh well, it was a great run despite the finish time. Less than 2 weeks to go!

Later, I took the kiddo to the Dewberry Farm. I met some other folks from a mom's group I'm in and we had a blast! My kiddo was completely in awe of the singing chickens (puppets) and kept wanting to go back to see them. She pet a calf and a goat, rode on a corn cob "train", we took a hayride out to the pumpkin patch and picked wild flowers. Here's a pic of me and the kiddo (she's pointing & I'm in the pink shirt) watching the chickens and a pic of the infamous chickens themselves:

After the farm, we all attended a banquet for my Dad's "Quails Forever" organization. It was a very long, but very fun day!

Running Stats
Conditions - 67 degrees, low humidity
Distance - 11 miles
Total Run time - 11:19 (minus pit-stop)
Pace - 12:38 (slow!)

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Vic said...

Wow, that Dewberry Farm looks like a lot of fun. Maybe I'll take the fam out there soon.

Great run!