Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Back to it

Time to get back into my Si6, study, work, study, run routine again. The 3-day weekend was nice, but it's over. Bummer!

Today is my Dad's birthday!!! Of course that meant a family gathering tonight, which left little time for running or homework. I have a feeling I will be making up for the lack of studying during the remainder of the week which will result in very little time for running. I'll try to squeeze in as much as possible though.

So today - 25 minutes of Si6 and that's it. Maybe tomorrow will be more productive as far as running goes. Then again, my group is meeting up on campus after work, so maybe not.

Just a couple of final things I remembered about Austin. Let me start by saying that Houston runners are very spoiled. We have great indoor accommodations before and after our marathon. Who cares about the weather when you have the GRB. Not to mention the huge breakfast waiting for us after the race. Second, we have awesome swag. Both the full and 1/2 marathoners receive a great medal, a participant t-shirt and a pretty nice technical finisher's shirt. (I know this wasn't always the case though...remember the joke of a medal from 2004?) In addition, the marathon finishers receive a glass stein/mug. In Austin, like many other marathons, you have to stand around in the cold before and after the race. Thermal blankets were only given to marathon finishers...the 1/2ers just had to be chilly. Finishers shirts? Only for the full marathon finishers! Post race food? Chicken noodle soup. Really! Hey, at least it was warm. Oh, there were cookies, bagels, pretzels and bananas too. But no eggs, bacon, biscuits, etc. And no tables and chairs to relax in. Yep, life is good here in Houston....the best part? No hills!!!


chumly said...

I like the no hills part.

Steve Bezner said...

I agree, Houston has Austin beat hands down! It's quite a list!

JustJunebug said...

chicken noodle soup???????? what the hell? after a half/full marathon?

thats just plain silly.

elf said...


I have to disagree. My "patented" marathon recovery includes a big bowl of chicken noodle soup as soon as I can stomach it after the race, and the later on, as much red meat as I feel like eating.

There's something about the liquid and the salt that makes me feel better almost instantly. After New York last year, I was feeling ok, but my dad felt like absolute crap. So, we made our way back to the hotel, and I walked half a block down to a deli to get some soup. We both felt a lot better right away. Give it a try sometime!

TX Runner Girl said...

Actually, I did eat chicken noodle soup after my 1st marathon in Houston (2003). I think I was borderline hyponytremic, because after a bowl of soup and a snack bag of salty ruffles I was feeling great. However, since then, I have preferred the eggs, bacon and biscuits. :-)

Vic said...

Frankly, I didn't feel like eating anything after my marathon. But that feeling went away REAL quick!!!