Monday, February 05, 2007


This weekend was fun, but busy as usual. Friday, I planned to watch a movie and have a glass of wine after the kiddo went to bed. But, the kiddo had other plans...she didn't want to go to sleep! So, I layed down with her and ended up falling asleep for the night around 9:30. The good news is that I slept until 7 am on Saturday! (Sad when that is considered sleeping in.) The kiddo is actually starting to sleep until 8am, so maybe one day I will be able to adjust and sleep until 8 am too.

Saturday was a library day. Nothing interesting to report.

Sunday, I met fellow blogger & Strider buddy, June, at Memorial Park at the crack of dawn. Houston Fit red group buds, Kay and Pricilla, also joined us. It was chilly, but overall not too bad as we headed toward downtown via Allen Parkway and back via Memorial for a 10-miler. It was great to have a group of girls running together again. We did a lot of chatting along the way...everything from work and school to future races to triathlons to well...girl stuff. It was fun! Even with the gabbing, we managed to maintain a nice, faster-than-normal-for-me pace. We're all planning to run 1/2 marathons in the near future and looking forward to continuing the running until the marathon training season starts up again in a few, short months. And one of the best parts - there was sunshine! Yes, the sun is out again. Hallelujah! I was beginning to forget what it looked like.

Later, the kiddo and I went to our play group. Much later, we all headed to a friend's house for the Super Bowl festivities. I can honestly say I missed most of the game. Between going up and down the stairs with the kiddo and gabbing with the girls there, I think I looked at the TV screen for a total of 5 minutes. See as how I am not much of a football fan, that's my kind of Super Bowl party!

Running Stats
Conditions - Chilly (40)
Total run time - 1:56
Distance - ~10 miles
Pace - 11:36


Day Dreamer said...

Sounds like a good time.... very cool. I love to run alone, but sometimes, having someone there to run with is a benefit that words can't describe.

J~Mom said...

Your Sunday run sounds awesome!! I am learning to enjoy running with others!

Vic said...

Fun, fun, fun!!! Glad you ladies had a nice time. I ran for about 3 hours on Sunday afternoon...BY MY SELF!!! :(

Michelle said...

What a fun run!!

I wish I had people to run with. And no, I don't count my kids in the stroller as running buddies. LOL!