Friday, February 09, 2007


Friday. Finally. I'm ready for it to be here.

Last night, I went to WW. I gained .25 lbs.

It's time to re-focus folks.

I have been so inconsistent with my diet. Here's the pattern: I do great for a week or two and lose a couple of pounds. Then, I throw it all out the window for a few weeks and screw up everything I just worked to do. Next thing I know, 2 years has passed along with 2 years of paying for WW, and I am at the same weight as when I started. I would seriously hate to see how much weight I would gain if I didn't run and workout! Most people say, "OMG, all that running you do! You should be able to eat what you want!" Yeah, you'd think so. But, I seem to remember a little something from Economics 101 called the "Law of Diminishing Returns". Funny how you do end up using this stuff in real life after all, isn't it?

So I need to make a decision.

Either get back to eating right (not dieting), or just saying "screw it" and eat whatever the hell I want. Seriously. No grey area. No in-between. One or the other, because I am tired of this cycle of "Woohoo, I lost 3 lbs", followed by the horrible guilt of eating things I know will sabotage my diet. I seem to constantly go back and forth between the two. It's not that I can't eat the bad foods at all. I can. I just have to get back to eating them in moderation and balancing them with the healthy stuff in between. I guess it just bugs me, because when I was on WW before, it seemed so easy. I ate what I was supposed to and the weight came off. Sure I had a chocolate bar or a Coke mixed in there every so often, but I wouldn't go too crazy with it. I would balance it out with more veggies at dinner or earn more activity points. So why does this seem so hard now? I know how I feel when I gain weight and I know how unhappy I am when I move up a, I know what decision I need to make. Eat right. I just need someone to tell that to the part of the brain that allows me to reason with myself. The part that says "It's okay, a couple of chocolate chip cookies won't hurt" followed by, "While you're at it, wash it down with a REAL Coke". :-)

So anyway, I did workout last night. 25 minutes of Si6, followed by 25 minutes on the treadmill, followed by 40 minutes of Marketing reading. (Damn those Marketing chapters are long!)


bunnygirl said...

I believe worrying about the scale is not a good way to go. There are too many variables, such as water retention/dehydration, for starters.

The question you could perhaps ask yourself instead is, "How do I feel?"

Do you feel strong and healthy, or do you feel lethargic and bloated? Do your clothes fit you well, or are they too tight/loose?

I made a promise to myself in my early twenties that I would never buy new clothes that were bigger than the ones I already had. If my clothes are too tight, I need to slim down, not get new clothes.

It's a resolution that has stood me in good stead, because I remain the same size at 40 that I was when I graduated high school. If anything, I might be just a smidge thinner.

But the scale? Who cares what it says? Muscle is heavier than fat anyway, so you could conceivably lose inches while gaining pounds.

Toss the scale. How you feel is what matters.

TX Runner Girl said...

Great point Bunnygirl! Actually, I used all 3 - scales, clothes, feeling. Right now, none of the 3 are where they should be. I definitely need to nip the problem in the bud before I do have to go buy new clothes.

Pony and Petey said...

Thanks so much for sharing your struggles...lets me know I'm not alone in my struggles! And, boy howdy, have I been struggling lately! All this gray, cold weather keeping me inside isn't helping.

I'm like you, I did WW, I know what to do, I just need to DO IT! Keep on help me stay motivated!!

Pony = )

J~Mom said...

Oh boy, I know what you are saying! That is actually why I started running. I could not consistently get my eating where it needed to be. But I am still heavy and the weight is still coming off from the running alone with slight diet modifications.
I got so frustrated after being on WW for a while because I either felt I was missing good things or I was cheating. There was no middle happy that I feel now. I wish I had an answer. Just blabbering about the fact that I understand. :>)

Gary said...

Youre sexy no matta what! Quit worrying about it and just Train for your next run. Youll be ok !

TX Runner Girl said...

Awww, thanks Gary! :-)

Michelle said...

Boy, can I relate!!!!

For me, eating healthy is the toughest thing to do. I am trying, but there are days (like today) when I just feel like I NEED a candy bar!!