Sunday, February 25, 2007


Today was a perfect day weather-wise in my opinion. Blue skies, crisp, cool temps...aaahhhhhh! BEAUTIFUL!

Too bad I had to spend it here at the library! Grrrrr..... It's days like today when I wonder what the hell I'm doing back in school. I miss my evenings, my weekends, my family time, my free time dammit! Today would be the perfect day to take the kiddo to the park...but NO, I had to lose my weekday motivation and now I'm paying the price.

Today is also Oscar Sunday. I love the Academy Awards! In fact, this will be the 1st time in 9 years that I have not hosted an Oscar party. Between having a Toddler and school, I just don't have time to watch the awards, much less host an event. Yep, in a few hours I would normally be preparing a HUGE pitcher of sangria and cooking yummy hors d'oeuvres and cute little desserts. Well, okay, in the past two years my usual feast has turned into Sangria, desserts and Domino's delivery. :-) Hey, it's harder to host with a kiddo! So...this year and next, my Oscar routine will consist of me watching the TV from my kitchen table. It's the perfect spot because I can see the TV, but then press the mute button and read my books during the commercials and less interesting awards. :-)

Tommorow, it's back to my routine - Si6 in the AM, running in the PM. Last week, I took it easy because of the crud. This week, I have no excuse.

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JustJunebug said...

thankfully i had an excuse to lay on the couch the entire day and watch the 7 hours of pre award stuff on E! channel!!!

unfortunately i stayed up WAY too late which i should have been sleeping...