Sunday, August 26, 2007

Weekend (with pics!)

Saturday was my 1st day back to class. Overall, it went well. My International Management class was small - 11 people. It was pretty fun, we did some role playing about different cultures and our final group project will require us to create a video about another country. Also, I have to interview a Manager from another country about the culture of that country....anyone want to volunteer??? Finance actually went pretty well too. I think the prof is going to be great, which definitely helps! After school, the kiddo and I headed to the playground for some fun. I spent Saturday night doing homework and reading my textbooks while the hubby watched UFC. Fun...

Sunday I made it to the park a little after 6:35 am. As usual, the park was hopping with activity. Lots of runners and walkers everywhere! The weather felt much better than last week. I decided to do the route that tri-bunny suggested again. I went out of the park, took a right on Woodway, followed Woodway to Chimney Rock, then hung a left on Tanglewood, another left on San Felipe and then a left on Post Oak. I loved running through Tanglewood! There were several other runners and walkers, and everyone was friendly and said good morning or hello. My favorite was an eldery woman being pushed by a younger man in a wheelchair. She had a wide-brimmed red hat on and said good morning. As I was running in the opposite direction, I heard her say, "She's running in a skirt. How nice!". I had to chuckle. I've been seeing runners wear skirts for quite awhile now, but I still manage to get a funny look from someone on every LR.

My run was only supposed to be 6 miles, but I didn't account for the extra distance between the tennis center and Woodway. The total distance ended up being 7.71 miles. Overall, the run went well. I started a bit too fast with my 1st mile clocking in at 10:40. I thought I hit the autolap button at the end of my 1st mile, but didn't, so I have no split times. Against my better judgement, I decided to use the remainder of the accelerade in the fridge. Bad decision! Somewhere around mile 6, what I am assuming was the accelerade (even though I diluted it)really upset my stomach. Lesson more accelerade! The remainder of the run was slow a combination of running and walking. This made the run feel like it was going to last forever! My average pace went from 11:10 to 11:20! However, that's still much faster than the McMillan suggested long run pace of 11:37 to 12:37. Oops!

Later, I took the kiddo to playgroup where she learned about water balloons. :-) Next, we took the kiddo to see The Wiggles. Oh my God, she loved it! She sang and danced to the tunes, and to be honest, I think I had just as much fun as she did. (and I never thought I would say that!) I can certainly see why The Wiggles are so successful. They go into the audience and have a really interactive show. If you have kiddos in The Wiggles age range and they come to your city - don't miss it! Here are a couple of pics...we didn't get to take many because the batteries on DH's camera died. He went all over the Toyota Center looking for a vendor who sold them, but was SOL. Oh well! There are a couple more on Flickr, so just click on the pics over to the right to see them. You can also click here to see a video clip from the concert.

Here's the kiddo waiting for the show to begin:

Here's favorite Wiggles dancer. Yeah, that's right, I have a favorite!

Here are all four Wiggles on stage singing:

Running Stats
Conditions - 80-ish
Distance - 7.7 miles
Run time - 1:27
Pace - 11:20


barbara said...

I'm sure one of the managers I work with in South Wales would take you up on your offer to interview him. Very cool guy; used to be a professional sailer. He still takes conference calls from his boat on occasion.

A friend went to see the Wiggles on Sunday afternoon; she said one of them was stung by a wasp or hornet or something and his leg was in quite a bit of pain. She said the show was great though.

J~mom said...

Ahhh the wiggles! How cute is little kiddo? Great job on your 7 miles!!

justjunebug said...

I havent run in one of my skirts in forever.

I think I might just do that this Saturday for KW.