Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Today we had a little family time at the playground. Then it was off to shop for playsets for the backyard. I know our backyard isn't huge, but MY GOD, it's not that small either. Why do all the cool playsets take up 2/3 of our backyard??? This is the one DH likes:

Ummm, there goes my idea about getting a pool! LOL!

Next, I headed to Sbux for a couple of hours to work on my portion of the Marketing project. That was followed with some watercoloring with the kiddo and then on to the workout. I decided to walk with the chicas from the hood for 40 minutes, then get in my 20 minute run that was on the Fit schedule.

Dumb idea.

By the time I started my run I was hot and tired. It was the longest 20 minute run I've ever done. I couldn't even make it through my 1st 5 minute interval. That's how bad it was. Damn. So, I ran for about three minutes at a time, then walked for about 30 seconds...lather, rinse, repeat. I has to get better, right?

Workout Stats

Walk with the peeps in the hood - 41 minutes

Run per the Woodlands Fit schedule - 20 minutes easy


Steeeve said...

It has to get better, right?

Sure!! Can you say "October"?

Hang in there!

TX Runner Girl said...

Steeeve, you're so right! I just have to remember how much better life will be when it finally gets cooler.

K said...

It will get better. The heat is our friend. It is a tool. It makes us stronger... at least that is what I am telling myself.

Is that the play yard that you got? My gosh! That thing is HUGE! Can I come swing??

Viv said...

Of course it will get better, I have no doubt about it! That playset looks awesome and pool space taking huge..LOL! Next playdate is at your place :-)