Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I've had a couple of Cape Cods so my brain isn't coming up with a title for this post. LOL! Viv, this is why, even though I have been eating well (except for this week), my weight loss is slow! Alcohol.



Slim in Six - 24 minutes


Slim in Six - 24 minutes

Treadmill - 2/1 intervals, 20 minutes

Today was the munchkin's 2-month check-up, so that was what I spent most of the morning doing. Well, I spent the 1st part of the morning cussing and freaking out, because all of my clothes that were drying in the dryer when I went to sleep last night were still wet. Then, they were still wet after an additional hour in the dryer....damn, time for a new freakin' dryer! Ummm, it would have been nice if the dryer broke anytime other than during my UNPAID maternity leave. Thank God we've been vigilant about saving money. Our new dryer will be here on Monday. Not soon enough if you ask me...too bad there isn't a "Mattress Mack" of appliances with the whole TODAY delivery thing.

Anywho, the munchkin is up to 13.65 lbs and 25 1/4 inches! That's the 99th and 95th percentiles. If you're not a baby person, that means that he is pretty darn big for a 2-month old. The doctor was suprised to see that he was wearing a 0-3 month outfit. She was impressed with his tummy-time skills, his ability to follow her pen with his eyes and his cooing. :-) He's right on track. He did have 5 shots though, it was painful to watch his wailing!
Afterwards, I took the kiddo to lunch with some girlfriends who have daughters her age. We went to a local restaurant with a big sandbox, which she absolutely loved. I am really loving maternity leave...even if it doesn't leave me with much time to workout. I would have had plenty of time to workout had it not been for the hours of dryer shopping in the afternoon. Ugh!

As for the house, the option period is over and we're waiting to see what the appaiser said. We're supposed to be closing in 2 weeks, so hopefully everything will go well!
Tomorrow the hubby is going fishing for the 1st time in months and I am heading over to my parents to use their dryer. Chances are the hubby will be back late and once again, there will be no workouts...unless the baby takes a nice nap and the kiddo can entertain herself for a bit. We'll see.....

Saturday is the 1st weekend of Woodland's Fit. I am super nervous, because for the 1st time I am not even sure I am capable of finishing 3 miles even at a super slow pace. I predict that I will manage, but it will not be pretty.


K said...

I'll be there with the fall group at 6 am. Be sure to find me!

Jamoosh said...

Yeah alcohol! I base whether or not I can drink a beer in the evening on how "well" I ate during the day.

TX Runner Girl said...

LOL, that's me jamoosh. I check to see if how many WW points I have left. :-)

Viv said...

The drinky drinks can surely cancel out all those WW pts before you can say may I have another..LOL!

Keeping my fingers crossed for a smooth closing. We will have to get together soon before maternity period ends :-(