Sunday, July 06, 2008


* Update - 7/7/08 *

Wow! As of this afternoon, the Houston Marathon and 1/2 Marathon are both SOLD OUT! So glad I registered yesterday.

I registered for the half marathon a few minutes ago. Good thing, since it's now 96% full! The Fit coaches warned us yesterday that waiting beyond this weekend to register would be risky.

I actually got out of the house for the bike ride a little later than I meant to, so I only had time for a 7 1/2 mile ride...that's 4 times around the neighborhood loop. At first, it felt downright cool outside. By the 2nd lap, I was noticing the humidity...ick! I tried to push myself a bit, since my latest rides have been the more leisurely, lets look at the neighborhood rides. It felt fast, but really wasn't :-) After the ride, I decided to go ahead and work in the yard since I was already sweaty. I followed that by taking the kiddo to the pool and pulled her in her floatie from one end of the pool to the other, over and over and over and over. By the time we finally sat down with our frosty evening beverages on the patio with the munchkin, so we could watch the kiddo play in the backyard, my legs were feeling the effect of all that activity. (Okay, that was a run-on sentence if I've ever seen one! LOL!)

Workout Stats
31 minutes
7.5 miles
14.01 mph

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Viv said...

Great ride Christy! Glad you made it into the 1/2 in time.