Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break 2011

Sorry for the hiatus! It was a busy week for this runner mom - the kiddos were on Spring Break and I took a few days off so that we could have some quality time together. Fun times!

Day 1
It was rainy and nasty with a cool front coming through. What else is there to do besides head to Chuck E. Cheese? The Munchkin hasn't been there since he was about 18 months and the Kiddo loves the place, so I figured I could endure a few hours of torture fun. Afterwards, we colored and played with Play Doh - perfect indoor activities for a rainy day!

Day 2:
All of my stay-at-home-Mom friends swore up and down that they'd NEVER take their kids to the zoo on Spring Break because of the crowds. Unfortunately, us work-outside-the-home-Moms, don't have a choice! And you know what? It wasn't that bad. We arrived at the Houston Zoo about 15 minutes after it opened, and I'll admit I was a bit freaked out to see so many cars already there. But, we parked and got through the gate and saw everything we wanted to see with no issues at all. It was fun! My favorite part was watching the kids feed the giraffes at the new exhibit - it was awesome being that close!

Here's the Munchkin getting into the African spirit at the new African Forest exhibit:

Here are the Kiddo and Muchkin waiting to feed the giraffes:

Here's the Munchkin right after feeding the lettuce to this guy. The Muchkin let out squeals of delight when the giraffe took the leaf!

Yes, you really are that close to the giraffes!

After feeding the giraffes the kids decided to practice on each other!

And no, I don't support child labor, but hey, he wanted to pull the wagon. Who am I to object?

We ended the day on the train. Other than standing in line for tickets, then standing in line for the train with two tired, cranky little ones, this was my favorite part of the day. The ride is relaxing, the kids are quiet (for the most part) and the views of Hermann Park are spectacular. See, Houston really is a pretty city...

The Munchkin was totally in awe of the engine on the little train...we sat up near it and when we were leaving he wanted to stop and just stare, lol!

Day 3:
The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is a time honored tradition in Houston. In February of every year, traffic is stopped on main thoroughfares for covered wagons and horses that participate in the annual trail ride. It's the one time you can actually call in late to work because of horses blocking traffic, and your boss will actually believe you. :-)

The rodeo is kicked off with a 5k/10k race, followed immediately by a huge parade. Then, the fairgrounds open and each day for 3 weeks there's carnival fun, the livestock show, tons of scholarships for students and concerts - this year it was everything from Kid Rock and Kiss, to Alan Jackson and Jason Aldean.

I'll admit, I don't usually attend. To be honest, it's a whole different sub-culture that I just don't "get" - the boots, the wranglers, the country music, the cows and horses - it's just not me. But, I don't want my preference to influence the kiddos and their judgement, so the hubby and I decided we'd spend a day on the grounds - experiencing the animals at the livestock show and enjoying the rides and games of the carnival. We all had a great time, so yes, we will be back next year!

Here's the Kiddo on a big tractor. Yes, she's even sporting a cowboy hat...she has pink boots too, but they aren't comfortable for all the walking we'd be doing!

Here's the Munchkin on his very first amusement park ride:

Here's the Kiddo on the kiddie roller coaster. Yes, she is hanging on for dear life, lol!

The Kiddo and I enjoyed a ride on the ferris wheel...glad she's like me and knows how to enjoy the spectacular view! You can see by the picture on the right how huge the rodeo carnival is...and this is just one section of it. We also had an amazing view of downtown Houston from up high, but I didn't get the best pic with my cell phone camera...

So that was it. It was so much fun! On Thursday and Friday, the kids went back to daycare and I returned to work. :-( I will update you on my workouts next...not that there were many of them during spring break!


Allie said...

That post just made me homesick, rodeo time is my favorite time of year. Glad you guys had a great Spring Break.

Teamarcia said...

tons of fun stuff! What an awesome spring break!

Michael said...

Wow, I want to come hang out with you guys on your next break. Looks like everyone had a blast!