Thursday, March 31, 2011

Still here...

Ugh, looks like another catch up post. Life has been crazy…mostly in good ways. The family has been busy with soccer practice and soccer games, gymnastics, birthday parties, baby showers, wedding showers, etc. Last weekend, we had a rare opportunity to just hang out and veg for a little while and it felt great!

Here's a glipse of our Saturday...

Here's the Hubby showing the kids how to fish

Here's the Kiddo in action at her soccer game

This is what the Munckin does during big sis' soccer games

Here's the Munckin enjoying his "Soccer Tots" class

One thing I haven’t mentioned yet here is my decision about the Memorial Herman 70.3. I decided several weeks ago that I was not doing the HIM. Honestly, after being out of town 3 times in late February / early March and being scheduled to go out of town again for a week in late March (which ended up being cancelled – yay!), I felt like I neglected my training too much. Especially the swimming. Here’s the deal - when I know I’m going out of town, I feel like I need to cram in as much time with the Hubby and kids as possible before I go. So I miss workouts. Then, I go out of town to a non-bike friendly place with no pool. I miss more key workouts. Then, I come home again and feel like I need to make up for lost time with the Hubby and kiddos. More missed workouts. Add some working late due to busy season and that means more missed workouts. I know that I could sacrifice some time with them, it was only a couple of months until the race, right? But, the kids and Hubby are a priority to me. I see the kids for about 30 minutes in the morning before dropping them off at daycare and I have about 2 hours with them each night before bedtime...if I leave work on time, which was rare during February and most of March.

This would be a non-issue if I was already a strong swimmer, but to be honest – I suck. In open water, I suck even more.

I am working on this and I will overcome this little issue.

But unfortunately, not in time for the HIM.

So that’s it…I am back to sprint distance races. I’ve decided to try some new ones this year (see sidebar for schedule). My plan is to end my tri season by August, so I can focus more on my long runs. But, if things are going well (and my swim doesn’t suck as bad) and I feel like I can keep going, I may try an Oly scheduled for late September.


saroy said...

Enh, don't beat yourself up over it. There are many things in life that are more important than triathlon. :)

Anne said...

I think Ironmen are one of those things you need to get out of your system and then you can move on ... to more family-friendly training schedules. You're doing the right thing.

Jill said...

Your kiddos are just beyond precious, love their adorable faces :).

Sounds like you made the right decision on the HIM; once you feel more confident in the water and get the training where it needs to be, then you can focus on the race, yes?? Yes! :)