Monday, July 25, 2011

The long lost brick...

It's been awhile since my last brick workout. As in before the CB&I tri. What I've decided to do between now and Bridgeland is to cut way back on my weekend bike mileage and add a run after my ride. I figure I really don't need to do 50+ miles every weekend between now and my next tri. After all, the bike at Bridgeland is less than 14 miles. What I need to do is to get my legs used to the bike to run transition.

With this in mind, I set out for a brick on Sunday morning. I decided on 1 hour on the bike, followed by a 2-mile run. My legs were feeling that 9-miler from the day before, but after a few miles on the bike, everything loosened up. My average bike pace was 16.4 mph...not great, but not bad. I ended up doing a little more than a hour, because I misjudged the distance and did a little more than 18 miles. Once I made it back home, I ran my bike up the driveway and transitioned to run gear. Here's where I messed up - I usually wear my Garmin on the bike and turn it on about 10 minutes before starting my run. Yep, I forgot to turn on the Garmin and it took FOREVER to find the satellites! In fact, I got tired of waiting and just started running. It logged 1.92 of my 2 miles at a 9:45 pace. I am trying really, really hard not to compare this run pace with my pre-CB&I run pace...I am starting over after a long running hiatus and my times are going to reflect that for awhile. Ugh!

I've also decided that I can't bike on Saturday with my biking peeps anymore. Saturdays need to be my long run days. Why? Because if I bike for 2 - 3 hours on Saturdays, it's kinda hard to get in a good quality long run on Sundays. Let's face it, I've missed a lot of time running over the past couple of months. NYC is only 14 weeks away. I need to focus on running. Yes, I love to ride my I will ride 20-30 miles each Sunday as time permits. And yes, I will increase my ride distance after NYC. But for now at least, it's gonna be all about the run.

Bridgeland is more than likely going to be my last tri of the season. It's kind of sad, but again, it's time to focus on the run. And, I have some exciting goals for after NYC which I reveal later. :-)


K said...

I can't wait to hear your goals!!!!

Way to go on your run. Give yourself a big hug from me!!!

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