Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pot smokers and Stupid-Thirty

In my circle of running peeps we often use the term “dark-thirty” when referring to our pre-dawn group runs. Usually, those runs begin at 5:30 or 6:00 am. With my training/work/commute schedule, I am forced to get out the door anytime between 4:00 am and 4:45 am in order to be back home by 5:15 am to get myself and the kids ready for the day. From this point forward, I will now refer to this time as “stupid-thirty”.


Because it’s just effing stupid to workout at this time. Really.

And yes, that really is my alarm clock!

But yet I continue to do it. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, and all that's either stupid-thirty, do mind-numbing loops around the indoor track during lunch or treadmill during lunch or after work. (And let me tell you, I got a lot of crap about attempting speedwork on the dreadmill a few years ago.) All of the options can work, but for me it's just easier to get out there 1st thing in the morning, because crap happens throughout the day that sometimes makes it hard to get in a quality workout later.

Tuesday, July 26 – Run (speedwork) and Ab Ripper X
As always with me, the word “speed” is relative. It really means, “still slow, but not as friggin slow as usual”. I don’t have access to a lighted track in the early morning and typically can’t make it to the track until after dark in the evenings, so I usually do my speed work around the neighborhood with my Garmin set to beep at whatever intervals I want to do. This time around I decided on 400s, mainly because it’s been forever since I’ve done any type of speedwork. 400s seemed obtainable. I also decided that rather than venture throughout the entire neighborhood, I would stay in our little block. This would allow me to stop and grab water as I passed our house and to not have to carry my hand held bottle.

Overall, I think the workout went well. I hit my goal pace during my speed intervals, but the only problem is that I was so freaking winded that I felt inclined to walk a bit after each one, instead of just slowing down the pace to a slow jog. The result was pretty much the same overall pace that I’ve had for my regular runs.

Oh, and on my second loop around the block, I noticed that there was now a car parked along the curb in front of a house. Hmmmm, that wasn't there the 1st time I ran by....and, there were two teenage guys sitting in the car, Judging by the looks on their faces, I definitely startled them. And I smelled a little sumfin’ funny as I ran by…seriously dooooods, it’s 4:30 am for pete’s sake! I guess anytime is a good time to get your party on, lol! It kinda reminded me of these dudes:

After the kiddos went to bed, I did the ol’ Ab Ripper X. All part of my master plan to get a ripped core.

Do you do speedwork? Do you do it on a track, on the dreadmill? What's your favorite interval?


Meg said...

OMG, that's SO early!! To be smokin' and in your case, runnin'! You are tough.

I do speedwork around a lake with our group in the summer and around the track in the fall and winter. I have never done it on the treadmill, I'd probably cry from being bored! My fav interval/workout is doing a 2000, a 1600, a 1200 and an 800. I don't do too well with the shorter ones.

JunieB said...

Well you already know I do speed work. Every other week at least. However I dont know what crap you got a couple of years ago, but I am doing my speed work on the treadmill this summer! Eff that bs outside stuff in this weather! i make it more challenging so i think that makes up for it being inside on a TM.

as far as favorite intervals, I'm going with 400's. I would say 200's but thats wimpy and generally only done in Spring training for 5k races. :)

K said...

If I could figure out how to do speed work on the tm, I would. For now, I just don't do it. I am terrified I will fall off the tm and I'm with June on the "eff the bs outside" for speedwork! LOL
Love stupid thirty! A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

That Pink Girl said...

Getting up that early IS insane. But you gotta do what you gotta do. At least your workout is done!
It's time for me to get back to the track and get ready for MCM. All this distance training (and heat!) has mad me feel slow. 200.s are my fave, but I also really enjoy an Indian Run with a group!

Stephanie said...

Ha! I do my running at o'dark-thirty as well and I'm sure my family/friends think it should be called stupid-thirty. I like knowing it's all done first thing and in Texas it's not like it gets any better (cooler) as the day progresses.

We're supposed to do speekwork? Crap, I knew there was something I was forgetting. :)

Michael said...

I hear you about the stupid thirty...I like that. I am up at least 4 days a week at 4:30 am to get my runs in. It's just stupid some times, but it's what I have to do to get it done and be to work on time.

I'm sure for those dudes it wasn't early but late. They had probably been up all night.

Anonymous said...

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