Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dear Stupid Hip

Dear Stupid Hip,

I feel like I needed to address a few things and clear the air between the two of us. 

First, I know I worked you really hard over the past year - training for triathlons and then training for NYCM.  You helped me run more weekly miles than ever before and helped me earn an awesome PR.  For that, I thank you.    I also acknowledge that I made you run on concrete outdoors more than ever before.  I'm sure this was a difficult adjustment after running so many miles on the dreadmill in the past.  I hope that you accept my apology for this.

Second, I am sorry for continuing to make you work when you were trying to tell me to stop.  Yes, in December when you tried to tell me that you were tired with your not-so-subtle aches, I ran that 18-miler anyway.  Even when I finally stopped running, I continued to abuse you with spin classes, swimming and the elliptical.  I also made you endure exercises from the chiropractor and ART.  Honestly, I don't blame you for being angry with me. Again, I am sorry.

Now, it has been 8 weeks since my last real lower body workout.  My lower half is getting larger and flabbier.  I haven't even done my core workouts for fear of making you angrier. I have only worked out my upper body, leaving you some time to heal and reflect on what made you angry to begin with.  While I am not sure exactly what part of you is angrier, I know that 8 weeks off should make every part of you a little happier.

As you know, I attempted to walk 2 miles on Saturday.  You seemed to be okay with this and for that I am grateful.  However, you were not happy with my slow bike ride on Sunday.  I just wanted to let you know that I now understand that you do not want to bike yet.  I will not bike for at least a few more weeks, okay?  With that addressed, I would like to ask you to stop aching.  I attempted another 2-mile walk yesterday and was paid back with achiness for the rest of the day. 

Please, it's just walking. While I would rather be running, walking is something I would like to be able to do without pain.  So, if you are going to take forever to heal, I would appreciate having the ability to at least take a couple of walks each week without pain.  If you do not want to walk, I guess I can accept that...however, if that is the case and I return to only working out my upper body, would you at least speed up the healing process a little?  I can accept that I may not be racing at all this year, but I do have some goals for early next year that I would like to start working on soon.

If you do hurry up and heal, I promise the following:
  • To begin running ever so slowly...even if it means just running for a minute and then working up to two, three and four minutes at a time.
  • To split my time between the treadmill (or trail running) and running on concrete.  I realize running exclusively on concrete may not be a good idea going forward.
  • To strengthen my core - especially my glutes.  I know I worked on this a lot last year, but then slacked off a little in October, November and December.
  • To stop calling you stupid.  I know that this is immature and mean, but not being able to train has caused me to become grumpy, depressed and at times, angry. Please try to put yourself in my shoes.  Seeing everyone around me preparing for tri season and other races is difficult.
  • And finally, I promise to LISTEN. If you ache, I will stop everything and baby you until you are ready to start again.
Hip, thank you for taking the time to hear me out.  Please hear my plea and consider healing quickly.

The rest of the body you are attached to


Lisa said...

Can I send this same letter to my IT Band? Grrrrrr......

Teamarcia said...

Did I miss your MRI results?

Xaarlin said...

Gosh I could have written the same thing a few months ago too. Darn hip flexor!

I've been doing the myrtl routine and it seems to be be helping a lot. Hope you are beyond this soon!

Claire Maria said...

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