Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Week in Pictures

Wow, hard to believe another week has passed.  Last week was uber busy both at work and at home.  Here's a little of what we did...

First, I was so excited to receive this in the mail!  It's my super cool Swim.Bike.Mom. tech shirt.  I *heart* it!  There's still a little time to order yours, so go get more info here if you want one!  I would have taken a picture of me in the shirt, but I had nasty swim hair and zero make-up.

It's cute, it fits great, it's my Swim.Bike.Mom shirt!

Speaking of swim hair, I finally went back to the pool and swam a few laps to test out the hip.  While swimming is my least favorite of the 3 sports, it did feel good to get back to one of my "normal" activities.  My last swim was in early February, so I felt really out of practice.  But after a few laps, I felt pretty good. I managed to get in 1,800 with my pull buoy.  It felt pretty good at the time, but after my swim, I noticed that my hip hurt.  This could be because I was tightening my hips the entire time in order to hold the buoy in place.  So yes, it is a little frustrating to know that even swimming with a freaking pull buoy may not be something I can do yet.  Grrrrrrrr.  I have the same issue when doing planks and regular push ups...annoying because I was hoping planks would help my core until I was all healed.  That, and I've worked really hard to be able to not have to do girlie push ups!

The pool...I've actually missed it.  Sort of.

 I had the morning off from work to take care of an appointment.  This meant that I was able to go to the Kiddo's school for "Movin' and Groovin' with Moms" and I could also hang out and have breakfast with my girl!  I won't even go into the menu choices at the school cafeteria...that could be the subject of a whole other post!

My girl at breakfast!

We were brave and took the kids out on a school night to see Disney on Ice!  Yes, it was focused around the princesses, but the Munchkin enjoyed it anyway.  I think there was just enough action to keep him entertained.  The Kiddo was absolutely overjoyed to see all of her favorite characters on the ice!  The only downside? It took about 30 minutes to get out of the parking lot afterward and we didn't make it home until almost 11 pm!  The other downside? It can be an expensive night out!

  • Tickets to Dare to Dream - $15 x 4 (cheap thanks to a coupon code I had!)
  • Cost of Parking - $10
  • Souvenirs (one sword and one light up lantern) - $28
  • 2 Sno Cones - $24 (no kidding, they were $12 each!)
  • Hearing squeals of delight from your kiddos - Priceless!

The kiddos with their loot!  Man, this crap is expensive!

On Friday, we headed to the Toyota Center to see my favorite team play - the Rockets!!!!  I am a big Rockets fan, but we rarely go to games these days.  Let's face it, the cost for a family of four to go to a NBA game is not cheap!  We can do basketball and hockey cheap (and we do!), but not basketball.  Plus, the Hubby is not a huge NBA fan.  However, we had an incentive - the Kiddo had won a free ticket from a fundraiser at school, so we decided what the heck!  We ended up losing to the Suns, but it was a great game.  And, I am happy to say that the Kiddo enjoyed the fast pace of the game as much as I did.  Looks like we have another Rockets fan in the family!  It was another late night, but luckily we could sleep in the next morning.

Another night out!  We had a great time cheering for my beloved Rockets!  Do you think the Munchkin likes cotton candy???

I also had more P90X this week.  I am trying to do 2 upper body workouts per week and 2 sessions of Kenpo per week (upper body only).  So far, this is working out for me,  but of course I'd rather be running or biking!

The evil one-arm push-up!  I aspire to do these one day - right now I can do them on my left arm, but only girlie-style.

And finally, we bought this monstrosity!  After years of going back and forth on the topic, have officially made the conversion from queen bed to king bed.  The Hubby was kind enough to stay home and wait for the delivery, so I didn't see it until I arrived home from work...and wow, it's MASSIVE.  And, I love it!

How was your week?  Any great workouts or other plans over the weekend?


Kathy said...

$12 snowcones!!! Yikes!
What a busy week, the kids look so happy!
Love the new bad - we are definitely needed to upgrade, too!

That Pink Girl said...

Do you swim at an LA Fitness? That looks exactly like our pool!

Love the new bed - woo hoo to all the extra sleeping space!

Bean said...

King bed! I am so jealous. That is number one on my list of things to purchase when we have more room. Hope the hip feels better soon!

Laura said...

Ooh, I'm also jealous of the king bed. Nice!