Thursday, April 05, 2012

Eating Cardboard

As you know, I worked hard at changing some of my eating habits before NYCM. I was already pretty careful about what I ate, but still had some things to work on. I had been eating my fruits and veggies, but sugar and processed foods were still on the menu (and not just occasionally). Before NYC, I cut my sugar intake in half and worked toward eating clean(er). My two vices continued to be Lean Cuisines for lunch (it’s easy!) and my daily Diet Coke. The result? I lost about 8 lbs and felt fantastic!

In my effort to eat clean(er), I decided to try something that I had been curious about for awhile - Ezekiel bread. I had seen the bread mentioned time and time again on clean eating blogs. I read a little about the bread - Apparently, this Ezekiel bread is made the way the Bible intended. Who knew. I figured if Jesus ate it, then why not try it?  (I also found this post, which I found a bit humorous!)


So, the interesting thing about this bread is that it contains no flour or yeast. It is made from sprouted live grains instead. The label states:

We discovered when these six grains and legumes are sprouted and combined, an amazing thing happens. A complete protein is created that closely parallels the protein found in milk and eggs. In fact, the protein quality is so high, that it is 84.3% as efficient as the highest recognized source of protein, containing all 9 essential amino acids. There are 18 amino acids present in this unique bread - from all vegetable sources - naturally balanced in nature. Ezekiel 4:9® Bread is made from freshly sprouted organically grown grains, is naturally flavorful and bursting with nutrients. Rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and natural fiber with no added fat.

And, the ingredients were simple and easy to read. No crazy chemicals listed here:

INGREDIENTS: Organic Sprouted Whole Wheat, Filtered Water, Organic Malted Barley, Organic Sprouted Whole Millet, Organic Sprouted Whole Barley, Organic Sprouted Whole Lentils, Organic Sprouted Whole Soybeans, Organic Sprouted Whole Spelt, Fresh Yeast, Organic Wheat Gluten, Sea Salt.

I really liked the sound of this!

I excitedly picked up my first loaf, which was found in the freezer section of my local grocer. Holy cow, over $5 for a loaf of bread? I thought to myself, “Okay, okay…it’s healthy, so it’s worth it right?” WWJD?

I was anxious to try it, so I tried making a sandwich with it later that day. The verdict?


It tastes like cardboard! I tried it as toast with fruit spread and thought it was a little better. I tried it again as toast, but this time with almond butter and honey. Better. I kept trying the bread. I even bought another loaf once we finished off the first one. I thought that maybe the taste (or lack of) would grow on me.

It didn’t.

Sorry folks, but Ezekiel bread is just not for me. I know some of you out there love this stuff, but it's just not my thing. And my kids?  They wouldn't touch it.   Instead, I found healthfull bread from Oroweat.   Actually, the Hubby spotted it first and recommended it, so I can't take credit for it.  The bread is tasty and has some of the same benefits – 5 grams of fiber and 5 grams of protein per slice. And, it has "no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives." And again, it's TASTY!

However, this bread is made with flour. And yeast.  And, it is pricier than the store brands and Mrs. Baird's.  Oh well! Seriously, I know that we should eat to live, not live to eat and I have been working to mentally change my attitude toward food - “Fuel the Machine” has become my motto. But what’s the point if you just don’t enjoy it at least a little?

Do you have a food motto?  How have you changed your eating habits since becoming more active and fit? Do you eat things that you don’t really think taste good because they’re healthy?


Junie B said...

I have never thought about trying it. My thing is if I am going to eat bread, then I'm going to eat bread. Which I dont eat a lot of anyway. I buy the healthier version of it, not the HealthFull but will look for that next time. It takes me a month to go through a load of any bread (I keep it in the freezer) anyway, so like I said I'm going to eat what I like when I do eat it!!!

TX Runner Mom said...

June, same with us...we don't eat it all that often. We keep it in the fridge, or else it will get moldy before we're done.

Laura said...

I can handle Ezekial bread as toast, but I know what you mean about cardboard- it's not my favorite. We bake our own bread and then it lasts months, as we eat very little bread, too. But it's always fun to experiment and try new healthy foods!

K said...

I have had to cut out most all breads because of my gluten and dairy issues. I have a gluten free bread that I occasionally use, but truthfully, I am finding I don't even want the breads anymore.
I will make a "taco" with veggies and place it into a corn tortilla and then not eat the tortilla. I used to love them. I think the more I feed my tank with healthy fuel, the less of the processed stuff it likes.
Great job working on eating cleaner. It really is amazing how good you feel when you eat well. The only real issue I have had is eating out or even worse, at parties or other social gatherings where everyone brings casseroles. Cheese and noodles seem to be very prevalent in these dishes. Also, each time there is a salad, people think they need to add cheese. As a former cheese addict, I get it. But now, I can't eat it at all. So I have learned to eat before I go to these events or carry a larabar in my purse, just in case.

Duckie said...

Ditto on K's comment. I also seem to like things that other people find revolting so I guess it's a little easier. I actually look forward to my shake in the morning which is bright green and foamy. I don't, however, usually opt for gluten or dairy free versions of things as they are usually not good enough to be worth it. I have just learned to like things that were free of allergens in the first place.

That Pink Girl said...

I actually really love Ezekiel toast. It's super hearty! But yeah, as a sandwich, not so much. Maybe if I could get it fresh. Can only find it frozen here.

Kelly Janowski said...

Ugh, I hate when healthy food tastes nothing like its counterpoint. It's so disappointing.

Stephanie said...

I REALLY want to eat cleaner, but I also REALLY love cookie dough (and carbs, lots and lots of carbs).

Bravo to you for trying something new! Next week, I might try to eat a vegetable.

Jill said...

I have tried to go gluten free...not because I have any specific allergies to wheat but more so because I have pretty severe sinus issues and heard taking the gluten out really helps. I read the book "Wheat Belly" and gave it a go...but honestly, I think I was eating too much rice and rice-based products (bread, tortillas, etc) and that is so high in starch and I actually gained weight. UGH.

I have tried that bread too and as long as I toast it and put some Simply Fruit jelly on it, it's okay :). Nice job on the weight loss...I so need to get moving in that direction too. Another huge ugh.

Happy Easter! :)

Anne said...

I had several vegan friends recommend Ezekiel bread but I just couldn't stomach it and putting something tasty on it defeats the purpose. I love the Oroweat bread you also mention - even "plain."

Anonymous said...

Quite interesting. I do not know exactly what to say, but at least I want to thank you :)