Friday, April 27, 2012

Mister I and Cute New Shoes

Finally, I had my MRI Arthogram yesterday afternoon! 

After cancelling my initial, extremely overpriced appointment with Memorial Herman over a week ago and after being stood up by the doctor on Monday, I finally made it.  I guess 3rd time really is a charm!  I don't know why I sound so excited, because it's not really a fun experience.  But, I hope this will lead to some more definitive answers, so I guess that makes me happy. 

I have to admit, I was a bit nervous.  I knew from friends that the procedure wasn't necessarily painful, but I also knew that the doctor had to inject a contrast dye into my hip.  I DO NOT like needles.  Or pain.  So, just knowing there would be needles involved gave me the heebie jeebies.  Yuck!

I started the process by changing into a very attractive hospital gown and some awesome foamy shoes.

You know you're jealous of these puppies!  Maybe I should wear them to the office?  Or perhaps for a night out on the town?  Maybe I'd start a new trend!

Then, I had a regular MRI.  I've been through this process before, so no issues here.  If you've never had an MRI, you basically have to lie very still while you go into this lovely tube.

The tube, or as I call it, "Mister I"...looks a bit scary, huh?

The first thing I noticed was a swishing sound that reminded me of a washing machine.  Swish, Swosh, Swish, Swosh.  Then, there are louder noises.  But don't worry, they give you earplugs to help with the loud sounds.  These sounds are loud clanking sounds, then some weird buzzing in different tones and finally you have loud sounds that sound like someone's bad impersonation of a machine gun.  The sounds kind of remind me of a bad sci-fi movie, but I can't put my finger on which one.  Andromeda Strain, maybe?  This part of the process took about 25 minutes.

Next, I was escorted to a different room for my "procedure" (i.e. the injection - yikes).  The woman who prepped me was super nice.  She explained what the doctor would be doing.  Basically, I'd have an injection of lidocane to numb the area.  Then, the doctor would inject something to help him see the area better.  Finally, I'd get the contrast dye injected directly into the hip joint. All the while, the doctor would be watching every move on a screen that shows an x-ray image of my hip joint.  This would help him be absolutely sure that he was working in the right area.    

I have to confess, this was not really fun.  First of all, they inject stuff right into your hip, aka your groin.  The doctor had to put some alcohol in the area and draw an X...kinda like on a treasure map, X marks the spot!  The lidocane injection hurt for a few seconds and my hip felt weird.  It wasn't really painful, just very uncomfortable. Okay and maybe a teeny bit painful.  The lady who did the prepping even told me that I could hold  her hand if I needed to, lol!  After that, I only felt a little pressure from the needle.  Once that part was over, I was escorted back to the MRI room and had to repeat the process again.  I knew the drill since this was my 3rd time doing this...gee, I'm getting good at it. :-/ 

Unlike my 1st MRI, I was placed all the way inside the tube.  I can certainly see how someone with clausterphobia could freak out inside there! I tend to be figgety (is that a word?), so in order to be calm and absolutely still, I tried taking my thoughts to a happy place...

Running through the streets of New York...definitely one of my happiest places!

After almost two hours, I was finally done!  Afterward, my hip felt wonky and sore...something they forgot to tell me would happen.  I sleep on my right side, so this should be interesting. My next doctor's visit is scheduled for next Friday.  Until then, I will be in suspense,  Keep your fingers crossed that I get some more definite answers!

Thanks to everyone for all the kind words during this hip injury!  It means to world to me!


Junie B said...

and that is exactly why i have decided AGAINST a cortisone shot. a girl at work just had one yesterday in both knees and shes a tough cookie and when the lidocane wore off she was HURTING. no thank you.

Junie B said...

oh and get better SOON!!

Laura @ Mommy run fast said...

Aaaah, a whole week of suspense! Hang in there!

Carrie said...

Ugh, what a long and painful process. Keeping fingers crossed that all is OK!

Michelle Dragoo said...

praying you feel better soon!

Bean said...

Hoping everything turn out okay and you are back to 100% soon!

Duckie said...

Good luck with everything. I hope this offers some answers. Nothing is more frustrating than taking the rest time and then not getting the results. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the results are favorable.