Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Keyword Searches

I know that some of my blogger friends check to see who is viewing their blog on a regular basis.  Some of the stuff you find out from this is pretty entertaining.  I will admit, I rarely check to see who is viewing this blog.  Partially because I forget that I can do this, and partially because I am doing good to find the time to post each week.

But, last week I actually took the time to take a peek and what cracked me up the most was the keyword searches people used to find this blog.  So, for your entertainment, here are the top keywords used:

Grumpy:  Seriously?  Who knew this dwarf was so popular? I mentioned once that I was feeling grumpy and even posted a picture of the dwarf.  This, my friends, was by far the most popular keyword used to find my blog.  Not running.  Not triathlon.  Grumpy.

Latex:  Maybe folks out there are kinky, but mostly I think they were looking for information on wetsuits. The keywords "wetsuit latex" were used often and found this post.  Also, someone was looking for LaTex Runner...whoever that that is.

Deep breaths:  Perhaps the two people who used this in their search were stressed out.  I wasn't able to help much with that...unless they were inspired and decided to take up running!

DAVID BECKHAM ASS:  No kidding, someone searched for this and they did type it in all CAPS!  What they found was a runner who, at the time, had a David Beckham obession.

There were also a lot of searches for things like P90X, Insanity and Texas running blogs.  I have to admit that it was fun to see that people in other countries read this and it was entertaining to see what keywords were being used...I just might have to check this out more often!

Do you track who views your blog?  How often do you look at this information?  What are the funniest keyword search words you've seen?


Laura said...

That's hilarious! I forget to check that too, but am often amazed at some of the odd search terms that lead them to me... nothing too unusual lately, things like 'ankle pain' and 'handhelds'... can't top yours! :)

Stephanie said...

I love to look occasionally - it cracks me up the phrases that people search and somehow find their way to my little blog.

Robin said...

So just never know what people are looking for!

Duckie said...

HOW do you do that? I would love to know why I have a steady stream of views from Russia. It just puzzles me.

That Pink Girl said...

I LOVE looking at analytics! Just checked and today, 3 people found my blog by searching "sexy girls in pink socks", And FOUR found me with "wii frisbee black dig". Uh, what?

Bean said...

So funny. Looking at the stats is always entertaining. Sometimes I wonder about what I am writing about when I see the keyword searches that direct people to my blog.

B.o.B. said...

latex, deep breaths, and david beckham all sound like a good night to me. hahaha!