Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Week in Pictures

Not too many pictures this week.  The highlight was going to the Kiddo's 1st grade program.  The theme was "Go Fish" and the Kiddo was a "Clown Fish".  She had a speaking part and everything.  I think she was most excited about her name actually being in the program!

The kiddo goofing off after the program (L), the kiddo being a ham on stage (R)

On Friday, we had a cool crazy front blow through.  I tried to capture the sideways rain in a picture, but couldn't manage to capture it on my camera phone.  I work on one of the higher floors of the building and you could feel the building sway and shake in the crazy winds!

The view on a normal, sunn day (L) and the view during the rain storm (R)

This weekend, the weather was awesome!  The lows were in the 50s and the highs were in the 70s on Saturday and 80s on Sunday.  The Munchkin had a birthday party to attend on Saturday and the Kiddo had one to attend on Sunday.  In between the birthday parties, the Hubs and I spent a lot of time working in the yard.  We pulled weeds and planted flowers and some new shrubs.  And, I am attempting to grow roses for the 1st time ever (Knock Out Roses)!  We'll see how that goes...I don't exactly have a green thumb.

How was your weekend?  Any races, workouts or gardening???

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Lisa said...

We had a big COLD front blow through here & while in Carmel, IN. Crazy weather for April!