Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Back from the beach

Well, we're back from the beach! We had a great time. The kiddo loved running around the shore and playing in the waves. We spent most our 1st day at the beach, then checked into our hotel later that afternoon. After finding our room, we headed to the pool which the kiddo loved almost as much as the beach. She loved splashing around on the steps and "swimming" - we would hold her under her arms so she was horizontal and she would kick her legs and say "I'm swimming". The hubby and I loved that the pool had a swim up bar! :-) That night we took the kiddo to the Rainforest Cafe' and she was in awe of everything. When we were trying to head inside, she would just stop and stare at the big alligator, the tree frog, the carnival type games and all the people. Once inside, she just kept staring at her surroundings. Her favorite atraction were the mechanical elephants; her least favorite was the gorillas. When the mechanical gorillas began moving and making noise, she reached for me and gave me a death grip around the neck. I was beginning to think that I was going to have to eat my dinner with her sitting on my lap...wouldn't be the 1st time! We order her a kiddie mixed drink (something with pineapple, grapefruit and orange juice) and I partook in a yummy mixed adult beverage concoction in a blinking light-up glass. Hubby was driving, so he had a coke. After the kiddo was asleep the hubby and I sat on the balcony where we could see the movie "Grease" playing at the "Dive-In Movie" at the pool below. We spent most of the next day at the pool and on the strand before heading home. I did think about getting up early on Monday to go running on the Seawall or the beach, but changed my mind. So, no running on Monday, which means I'll make up for it by running on Wednesday. It was a nice, relaxing quickie vacation, which was exactly what I needed before getting started in my classes this weekend. The only bad thing...long weekends definitely make it harder to return to the real world! (By the way, I would post pics, but blogger is not cooperating!)

Back in the real world, I woke up this morning at 5:00 am to run. The hubby has some meetings going on at work that made it impossible to get to the park this morning, so I had to settle for the treadmill. Houston Fit schedule said to run 30 easy. I started with a warm-up at a slower pace before setting the treadmill at an 11:15 minute/mile pace. It was a great run, and much needed after all the food and beverages I consumed during our mini-getaway. I took a 1 minute walk break after 15 minutes and then picked up the pace to 10:10 for the final 5 minutes of my run. I watched the morning news as a distraction, which made the time pass much faster.

That's it for today. Run long & Livestrong!

Running Stats
Conditions - treadmill
Total run time - 30 minutes
Pace - 11:15
Distance - 2.6

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Vic said...

Sounds like you crammed a lot of vacation into those 2 days. Glad you had some good down time. Now, hit the books!