Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Busy day at the park

This morning at the park was crazy! I've never seen it so crowded on a weekday morning. Of course I'm no expert, I've run in the weekday mornings for what? Maybe 3-4 weeks??? As if I'm an expert. But honestly, it was pretty crowded - there were only one or two spaces open in the general vicinity of the Tennis Center and by the time I was leaving, there was about a 5 minute wait for the showers. Not only that, but with so many women using their hair dryers, flat irons, etc., we kept blowing fuses in the locker room! Thank God I was done with my primping...heaven forbid I can't blow dry and flat iron my hair! That would have been a disaster! :-)

I had an errand to run on the way to work, so I arrived at the park a little earlier than normal. I know I always start by complaining about the heat and humidity, so I won't go there. In fact, I didn't even check the temp this morning. I've established that it's damn hot in Houston right now and that I hate it, so I won't mention it again. Really, I am not going to re-hash the whole HEAT thing again. You know it's summer and it's hot, so why even talk about it. You know?

But seriously, I did my usual loop around the park. I ran the good old 5/1s. I enjoyed my run and saw some familiar faces. I am beginning to recognize the "regulars" there. I really felt like I was going at a faster than normal pace, but everytime I checked my watch I seemed to be at my regular, weekday morning, loop around the park race. I am happy to report that I had no aches or pains from the knee or shins! I finished my run with some stretching and stopped at the Smoothie King counter for a Pineapple Pleasure smoothie with an energy boost. Yum!

Tonight, I was watching The Real World. Yes, that's right, I am a 30-something and I still watch MTV from time to time. One of the roomates, Tyler, ran the West Palm Beach Marathon. It looks like there was some great scenery along the route, but crowds were pretty scarce. It was Tyler's 1st marathon and he finished around 4:40! See, MTV can be interesting...of course, I could never convince my hubby of that.

Running Stats
Conditions - warm & muggy (notice I didn't use the "H" word)
Total run time - 32:16
Distance - 2.9 miles
Pace - 11:07

Run long and Livestrong!


Humble Runner said...

WTG. You make those runs sound easy... whats your seceret?

Vic said...

nice run, Christy! I'm a regular. Do you recognize me? Maybe I'll see you Thursday.

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