Monday, August 28, 2006

Monday run

This morning I woke up early, well not as early as I meant to, and ran on the treadmill. I figure that I will attempt to run on the treadmill some mornings to alleviate the mommy guilt. When I run at home on the treadmill, I can at least be around when the kiddo wakes up, have breakfast with her, etc. Makes for a nice morning, even if it means being bored out of my mind while running.

I'm so afraid of waking up my sleeping beauty, that I didn't want to turn the volume on the tv too loud. This means that I can't hear a word anyone on tv is saying, so I just stare at the screen and try to read the newscasters lips. I'm really bad at reading lips, so then I try to read the top stories that run along the bottom of the screen. One thing I did discover is that MTV and VH1 actually play videos in the morning! It's been so long since I've seen anything other than a "Behind the Music" or reality show on either station that I didn't know what half the new artists look like in real life. I will have to eventually invest in those cordless headphone things, so I can actually hear the tv when I run...of course, then I wouldn't be able to hear the kiddo wake-up. Oh well!

Today, I ran 30 minutes easy. I still feel a little guilty about not running the full mileage yesterday, but I'll get over it. We have a 13-miler scheduled this weekend, which should be much better with a group.

Run Long & Livestrong!


Vic said...

I turn on subtitles when I dont' want to actually hear the tv.

Jill said...

I have been using the treadmill at work - and am starting to actually like it. Shocker! Mainly because I have been using it for speed work. Plus there is a tv that I can use. And today I downloaded some music to my phone so I can listen to that. Isn't technology great sometimes!