Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Dreaded Dreadmill Run

After a busy weekend, I just didn't feel like getting all my clothes ready for a morning run at the park. Hell, I was even too lazy to get by butt out of bed for a morning treadmill run. So, I had to do the dreaded after work, after the kiddo is in bed, treadmill run. The Houston Fit schedule called for 35 minutes easy.

I flipped through the stations of the 13" tv that is positioned directly above my treadmill. Gee, 100+ stations and there's nothing interesting to watch. Why do we pay TimeWarner so much each month anyway??? I eventually stopped at some sort of international home finder show on HGTV and watched a guy find a home in Buenos Aires. It's amazing what $150K will buy there in the city! After that, I watched a couple with 3 boys find a larger home in Portland...it's interesting what $150K won't buy there.

So, not much to report...I ran my 35 minutes easy at an 11 minute pace doing 5/1's. I averaged at about a 11:25 pace with the walking. It really wasn't so bad, as long as I had a distraction...so between the TV and the hubby occasionally telling me to look at his new myspace background, the 35 minutes passed pretty quickly!

Running Stats
Conditions - evening run on treadmill in the A/C
Total run time - 35 minutes
Total distance - 3.06 miles
Pace - 11:25

Run long & Livestrong!

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Vic said...

35 minute easy run, DONE!!! Good job.