Friday, September 01, 2006

Life happens...

No run for me on Thursday. The hubby is out of town hunting, so it's just me, the kiddos and the dogs! My parents must have given Riley caffeine or candy, because she was ready to go to bed at her normal time, but not ready to go to sleep! So, finally by 9:00 pm, she was asleep. However, I still needed to get lunches ready, clothes for work ironed, etc. After finishing everything, there wasn't much time for running. That's what I get for not getting up early in the a.m. to run!

I am going to have to buckle down and really squeeze in all 3 weekday training runs from here on out! There are only 7 weeks until Chicago, so we're in the home stretch!

I am really looking forward to tomorrow's 13-miler in the cooler temps. I am hoping to add an extra loop and make it a 16-miler since I will not be able to make it to next week's 18-miler due to school. However, the group is going to Otto's for breakfast after our run, which sounds sooooo much more appealing than that extra loop!

Run Long & Livestrong!

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Vic said...

I hope the temps are "cooler" in the morning. Of course, cooler than an oven is still pretty hot.

I so empathize with you on the whole "I've gotta do my early am runs or life's going to get in the way in the evening." That has been the story of my life the last couple of weeks. I've got to get back on track.