Wednesday, September 27, 2006

So much to do, so little time

Yesterday, I woke up late and only had about 20 minutes to run. So, rather than hemming & hawing for once, I threw on my running gear and glasses and jumped on the treadmill. I ran my 20 minutes at about a 11:15 pace. As I was running I thought, "no problem, I'll just squeeze in another 20 minute run once the kiddo is in bed".

Yeah right...easier said than done!

I picked up the kiddo after work. To save time, we went through the drive-thru at McD's on the way home....something I prefer not to do, but felt it would be okay just this once. You begin to realize that you've done this "just this once" routine way too often when your almost 2-year old can say "McDonald's" and "french fries" before they know colors, shapes or their ABC's. I thought about this as I was driving from the pay window to the pick up window and all at once felt like a bad mommy. At least I knew she had a nutritious breakfast. And, I always pack nutritious lunches, even if she doesn't always eat them...that made me feel a little better.

By the time we made it home, ate our meals and got the kiddo to sleep (she did not want to go to sleep!), it was almost 9 pm. Then, after making lunches and getting clothes ready for the next day, it was 9:20 pm! Getting that 20 minutes on the treadmill was not going to happen. I have an accounting test on Saturday, so that is my priority right now. Another little speed bump encountered in the training schedule.

As I was getting my books out, I was questioning my sanity. Why am I going to grad school? Why did I think I had time to train for a marathon at the same time? Why does the hubby have to have an opposite schedule? Why won't my child go to sleep? When will I get a full night's sleep? Grrr... Then, I took a deep breath and realized all this complaining was getting my nowhere. So, I got over it and studied.


Vic said...

Take a deep breath, Christy. You're going to be fine. You're Superwoman, remember? I know how you feel. There are answers to all your "why?" questions. You'll figure them out. You're a great mom and don't forget it.

Another twentysomething said...

It sounds so simple but you remind me how much work goes into getting things done right. Thanks, it makes me appreciate the value of effort. :)

JustJunebug said...

which is exactly why i dropped this course (to be ready for the half) and why i think i should do the full in january (as i dont have school in november and december)....come january 4th, i start a whole new year of harder courses!!

hang in there!

elf said...

Wow. I could have written that last paragraph verbatim a year ago. That brings back some nightmarish memories...